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What Types Of Frozen Dessert Machines Does Slices Concession Have To Offer?

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slices concession warehouse with ice cream, milkshake, gelato, italian ice, frozen beverage, & soft serve machines

We frequently get asked about what frozen dessert equipment we have to offer & how our machines help each individual business owner increase profits in their specific industry. The following are types of ice cream machines and more that we offer at Slices Concession:

1. Soft Serve / Frozen Yogurt Machines

 Soft serve machines make a type of ice cream that is softer than regular ice cream due to the infusion of air in the freezing process. Frozen Yogurt is made yogurt & sometimes with other dairy based products. Frozen yogurt has no minimum fat requirement which can be made lower in fat than soft serve & can have more tart in it than regular ice cream.

Suggestions on Machines:

2. Frozen beverage / Margarita Machines

Frozen beverages are some what self explanatory, but are made in such a variety of ways that there isn't a set standard that covers all frozen beverages. Some frozen beverages are slushies, others are alcoholic like margaritas, daiquiris, & whiskey espresso frozen shot mixes. Some frozen drinks are made with dairy, others with fruits, coffee, & other natural ingredients.

Suggestions on Machines:


3. Gelato Machines

Gelato is an Italian style ice cream made with a base of cream, sugar, milk, & flavored with other natural ingredients, purees, & other flavorings. Gelato is produced with less fat, more sugar, & tends to have less air & more flavoring than the traditional ice cream. Gelato is characterized by its density & rich viscosity.

Suggestions on Machines: 

  • Taylor C119
  • Taylor C118
  • Taylor C117
  • Carpigiani LB302g
  • Stoelting VB60
  • Bravo Trittico 18

4. Hard Ice Cream / Batch Freezers

These are the same machines that are used to make gelato, hard ice cream, & Italian ice. Hard ice cream and Italian ice have a higher overrun meaning that more air is introduced to the product mix, so the batch freezers need to spin faster. Gelato has less overrun which means the batch freezer runs slower. The batch freezers designed for Gelato have a special blade design & the motor spins slower.

Suggestions on Machines:

  • Carpigiani LB302g
  • Carpigiani LB502g
  • Carpigiani LB100
  • Taylor 220
  • Taylor 104
  • Bravo Trittico 18

5. Milkshake Machines

 Milkshakes are usually made with milk, ice cream, iced milk, & other flavorings. The machines that make milkshakes have metal cylinders with attached beaters that use refrigeration coils to freeze the product mix into a smooth & consistent milkshake product.

Suggestions on Machines:

  • Taylor 490
  • Taylor 444
  • Taylor 359

    6. Italian ice Machines

     The machines used to make Italian ice are batch freezers. The specific kind of batch freezers needed for Italian ice are designed with faster motors since it needs more air.

    Suggestions on Machines: 

    • Taylor 220

    7. Pasteurizers

     Pasteurizers are used to make product mixes safe for consumption, increase the product life & decrease how quickly the product spoils. Example: The pasteurizers are used to make stable & consistent bases for gelato & American ice cream.

    Suggestions on Machines:

    • Technogel mixtronic 60
    • Carpigiani Pastomaster 60
    • Bravo Trittico 18


    Whether it be an Italian Icemaker, a commercial lemonade machine, a commercial milkshake machine, or a frozen yogurt machine, here at Slices Concession we are committed to helping enhance your ice cream business plan. We pride ourselves on our quality frozen dessert equipment and types of ice cream machines. Call us today!



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