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Shipping FAQs

Packaging & Crating

We take the time to carefully craft a container by hand to ensure that your frozen dessert machine arrives to your business in perfect condition. We bolt the wheels to the wooden crate and use straps to tightly secure it to the container's bottom. We then add a wooden encasement around the machine to protect it from damage. Since this process is necessary to ensure your product's condition, we have a fee of $125 per machine.

Shipping The Machines Directly To You

Though the cost of shipping will vary depending on the location of your business, we assure you that our shipper has a wealth of experience in giving our customers the best carrier for the best price.

We recommend that the shipping address you give us be based in a commercial area rather than a residential property because it will help you save money. Also, depending on the carrier, lift gate for delivery may be an additional charge.

Protecting Your Investment With Insurance

We highly recommend investing in insurance to protect your machine(s) as they go through the shipping process. As a courtesy and thank you, we add shockwatch technology to each & every crate:

This shockwatch label, added to the outside of the container, changes it's label to red if there is any significant impact or violent movement incurred by the package. If you receive your container and the label is red please make a note of it on the bill of lading. This is one of the many ways we try to protect your investment.

Uncrating And Installation

electro freeze 30t-cmt-232 soft serve frozen yogurt with three phase male connection and electrical wires

We recommend you use a crowbar to unpack your machine

  • Pry up the wood around the wheels and unstrap your machine.
  • When lowering the machine off of the pallet it is higly recommended to be gentle and use a ramp (Jolts and rough handling can cause refrigeration leaks).

For installation & operation of your new machine we created a machine installation page where we walk you through:

  • Checking your machine's polarity (specific for three phase machines)
  • Properly connecting your machine's cooling system (air cooled & water cooled)
  • How to adjust the viscosity of your machine, which affects your product's appearance, temperature, thickness and firmness. This is important because different machines require different viscosity settings.

- For The Machine Installation Page Click Here -


If Any Questions, Please

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