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Frozen Dessert Industry & Machine Articles — Frozen Fruit

What Type of Machine Should I Buy For My Mexican Restaurant?

Posted by Eduardo Agbing on

  What Types of Machines Should I Buy For My Mexican Restaurant? Enhancing your Mexican restaurant with a frozen drink machine can be a game-changer. Your patrons will relish the diverse beverage options these machines bring to the table. It's worth noting that many of our satisfied clients have not only boosted their profit margins but also recouped their investments quickly. These full-service machines are capable of churning out dozens of pitchers filled with delicious frozen drinks within an hour, all while taking up a reasonable amount of restaurant space. From classic margaritas to tropical pina coladas and the increasingly...

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Scoop School: Making your ice cream FRUITY

Posted by Destini Miller on

 As simple as it is, unfortunately you can't just drop whole pieces of frozen fruits into your ice cream batch, freeze it, and expect it to taste fruity the next day. The fruit will freeze solid like ice and give your customers a lot of discomfort while eating. There's actually a very simple science to extracting the juice from the fruit and creating a 'simple syrup'. Scoop School gives us the rundown on how to create a puree out of your frozen fruits. To create this syrup you'll need some sort of container to hold your berries in. Mr. C...

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