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FAQS and Policies

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Slices Concession FAQs:

1. Why Buy A Used Machine From Slices Concession?
2. How Do I Know What Type Of Ice Cream Machine To Buy?
3. Why Buy A Slices Concession Ice Cream Machine?
4. What Is Your Warranty Policy?
5. Do You Have Other Equipment Or Supplies I Need For My Machine(s) Or Business?
7. What Do I Need to Do Maintenance On My Machine(s)?
8. What forms of payment do you accept?
9. What Are Your Shipping Rates?

1) Why Buy A Used Machine From Slices Concession?

  • Pricing: New ice cream machines cost about $12,000-$26,000. Even if a brand new machine was used once & left untouched for months, the value of that machine drops significantly. Our machines provide lots of value to you because they are just a few years old & priced at 40% - 70% less than new machines on the market.
  • Value Retention: A used machine holds its value better than a new machine. For example: If you buy a new ice cream machine, use it once & don’t use it for a year. The value of that machine drops about 30%-60%. But if you buy an ice cream machine that is already 5 years old, in 1 year, the value of that machine only drops about 5%-8%, even if you use it every day for that year.
  • Quality: We only sell the most durable & highest quality brands such as Taylor, Electro freeze, Carpigiani, Stoelting, Technogel & many more. These companies have at least 50+ years of perfecting & improving their Ice Cream & Gelato making technology to provide better machines for use. There have been new Korean & Chinese made machines which are significantly cheaper than new brand name machines & are marketed as power saving. The problem with these Korean & Chinese made machines is that they are many with underpowered compressors & beater motors which over stresses the machine and causes it to give out after just 1-2 years of use. For this reason, we do not carry Korean or Chinese made Ice Cream Machines.

2) How Do I Know What Type Of Ice Cream Machine To Buy?

Before we started Slices Concession in 2008, we owned and operated a Gelato & Frozen Desserts shop for 5+ years. Since then we’ve helped a large variety of businesses open their own ice cream operations. We’ve helped everyone from small gas stations, to large frozen yogurt & confectionary restaurants, to regular people.

With our vast experience, we are more than happy to help you choose a commercial ice cream machine based on you specific needs like budget, use, & volume of ice cream you plan on serving.

Here is some information that might be useful to know when deciding to buy a machine:

  • Water Cooled Machines or Air Cooled Machines? Water-cooled are more efficient but some cities don’t allow them because they experience regular droughts. When considering an air-cooled machine, consider that these machines need to be at room temperature, so air conditioning will need to be lower or you can use air ducts to funnel the hot air directly outside.
  • Three Phase Power or Single Phase Power? Three phase is ideal for buildings that are wired for three phase power (check with an electrician or landlord) & is more efficient. Single phase needs 220v & some table top machines are 120v. 220v single phase & three phase machines freeze ice cream quicker than the 120v because it uses a stronger compressor.

We recommend you check the item’s description for more information but, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or stop by one of our offices for more information.

3) Why Buy A Slices Concession Ice Cream Machine?

We make sure that all of our machines pass a rigorous 22 point inspection. Before we buy & before we sell a machine, we inspect every nut & bolt in the machine. Our in-house technicians have over 14 years experience in diagnosing, repairing, inspecting, sanitizing & rebuilding ice cream & frozen desserts machines.

We invite you to come to one of our warehouses for an in-person demonstration or we can send you a video of the machine serving ice cream. We also encourage you to come with or send us one of your trusted technicians to inspect the machines you’re interested in purchasing. Before you receive the machine, we make sure to thoroughly sanitize the inside & outside of the machine to protect you & to keep your customers safe for years to come.

4) What Is Your Warranty Policy?

We offer a 30 days parts & labor warranty on all models year 2000 & newer. Machines under warranty need to be shipped to one of our offices at the buyer’s expense. The warranty starts on the day we ship the machine to you.

    All of our machines are inspected before purchase, upon arrival to our warehouses & reinspected before shipping. We make sure all of our machines are in full working condition before shipping it to you.

    Our warranty does not cover:

    • User negligence
    • Work or repairs done by a third party
    • Wearable parts
    • Shipping damages (shipping is covered by a separate shipping insurance policy)

    We encourage you to come by & inspect the machines before purchasing. We are more than happy to show you how to use the machine, clean it, & troubleshoot problems. If you’re unable to come by in person, we recommend you send someone who can or hire a third part (a local refrigeration) for a small cost to inspect the machine for you.

    5) Do You Have Other Equipment Or Supplies I Need For My Machine Or Business?

    Yes, we stock all the necessary equipment needed for any type of machine maintenance or frozen dessert business. We will make sure to take care of all your equipment & supply needs.

    7) What Do I Need to Do Maintenance On My Machine(s)?

    We offer tune-up kits & blades. Tune-up kits contain gaskets & wearable parts needed to refresh the machine. New blades are needed when the ice cream on the sidewalls of the machine are no longer being scrapped off.

    All machines should have a yearly inspection in which the belts, Freon levels, capacitors, & amperage draw are all checked. Air-cooled machines should be cleaned monthly to keep a proper heat transfer & prevent dust build up in the air coils.

    In addition, we created a support page where you can find operating manuals and video tutorials to help you with maintenance. 

    8) What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

    We accept ACH, Wire Transfers, and Credit (3% credit card fee) . We also have financing available through our partnered third-party partners.

    9) What Are Your Shipping Rates?

    Crating is mandatory to ensure your machine arrives in the same condition it leaves, $225 per machine. Shipping is dependent on the type of machine and location you are shipping to. Please contact us for an estimate.