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Taylor C713: Machine Review & Analysis

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taylor C713 soft serve ice cream machine

The C713 Taylor model is a soft serve ice cream machine with two flavors and a twist option. These machines serve all types of low fat ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt & sorbet.

What Are The Features / Specifications Of This Machine?

Freezing Cylinders & Mix Hoppers

The C713 has two 3.4 quart freezing cylinder, two 20 quart mix hoppers & comes equipped with a separate hopper refrigeration which keeps the product mix below 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius).

Controls & Indicator lights

The control panel comes equipped with multiple languages to help you control viscosity & temperature as well as view the servings that have been dispensed. The digital display shows hours nice the last cleaning, "mix low" light to add mix, & an automatic shot down to prevent machine damage from the low product mix.

Casters & Door Systems

The C713 comes with two front casters that keep equipment in place with a locking feature. The door interlock system keeps the beater from moving without the dispensing door in its place & the freezer door is designed to help with a quick dispensing of product & has standard closing draw handles.


* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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