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Where To Start When Buying A Frozen Dessert Machine

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Slices Concession Useful Ice Cream Machine Guides

1) Single Or Three Phase Machine

Depending on your building, choosing a single or three phase machine is imperative. Single phase electrical outlets are found in every building and can be used by anyone. In contrast, only some buildings are equipped to handle a three phased outlet that is more efficient. 

2) Air Cooled vs Water Cooled

Another one of our FAQ's. Water cooled machines run smoother, freeze quicker, and are more efficient than their air cooled counterparts. In contrast, air cooled machines are ideal in locations with drought or a limited water supply. 

3) Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Machines Instead of New

New frozen dessert machines cost from anywhere of $12,000 to an upwards of $26,000. That's a lot of capital, especially if you are just trying to get your business started. This may also become a bigger hurdle to jump over if you want to have more than just one machine. We strongly recommend starting with one or two machines, and then upgrading them accordingly to models that produce higher volumes. Our machines are just a few years old and priced at 40-70% less than new machines on the market. The money you save by buying a used machine can be invested into any other area of your business. 

4) Chinese or Korean Ice Cream Machines

When in doubt, avoid Chinese or Korean machines. On a budget, they may be tempting. They exaggerate the quality and warranties on their machines. Investing in a brand name like Taylor Company, Carpigiani, and Stoelting who have decades of experience will save you time, hassle, and money in the future. 

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5) The Differences Between Gravity & Pump Fed Frozen Dessert Machines

Gravity fed soft serve machines use gravity to feed the product mix into the cylinder while pump fed machines use pressurized pumps to push mix inside the freezing cylinders. With either option, you have pros & cons to each which you should consider when looking to invest into either option.

6) What Type of Machine Should I Buy?

You should consider machine capacity, features/technology, and maintenance. Machine capacity is the volume of frozen yogurt you want to serve. Machine features include your cooling system, mix alarm, and electrical phase.

7) Slices Concession Frozen Dessert Machines 

At Slices Concession, we are the ice cream equipment specialists. Our equipment is capable of making soft serve/frozen yogurt, margaritas, gelato, hard ice cream, milkshakes, and Italian ice. In addition, we sell pasteurizers and batch freezers. Slices Concession has become the nation’s largest wholesaler of fully working used frozen dessert machines. 

All of our incoming machines go through 22 Point Inspection procedure. The procedure's purpose is to ensure all machines are in good, working order. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your ice cream goals.  


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