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Frozen Dessert Industry & Machine Articles — Korean Ice Cream Machine

Spotlight: Straus Family Creamery

Posted by Priya Brantley on

After both fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe, Bill and Ellen Straus started their dairy farm in the 1940’s. They only started with a few cows, naming them after their friends and family. All four of their children were raised on their farm.  By the time they reached adulthood, the California dairy industry was in transition, and a different, much larger, industrial type of dairy farm had begun to spread itself on the land. By the 1970s, the typical landscape of small family dairy farming in Northern California had shifted dramatically. After their son Albert graduated from California Polytechnic State University in the...

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Why You Should Avoid Chinese or Korean Made Ice Cream Machines

Posted by Slices Concession on

 - Haz Clic Aquí Para Español -   The Temptation Of Buying A Chinese or Korean Frozen Dessert Machine When you have a tight budget, purchasing a Chinese or Korean made ice cream machine is tempting. The distributors of these machines offer a significantly lower price for a one of these machines (usually about half the price of a Taylor, Electro Freeze, Stoelting, or Carpigiani machine). They boast about their energy-efficient machines, contrasting them to their power-churning American/Italian made counterparts. They greatly exaggerate the virtues of their warranties and advertise their US-based warehouses as having all the parts that you need....

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