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Milkshakes are as American as apple pie and is a staple of American culture. It brings to mind a soda bar from the 1950s with a server wearing a white and red hat. Traditionally served in tall metal cups, milkshakes can be made in a lot of different ways. You could take scoop ice cream, mix it with milk, blend and serve. You could do the same with soft serve and milk, however, these options are slow and depending on your staff inconsistent. There is nothing as frustrating as waiting 12 minutes for a milkshake. The solution is using a commercial milkshake machine. Some of the latest machines inject flavor right into the milkshake as it is served.

These machines are available both countertop or stand-alone, and with the addition of a blender, you can make any type of milkshake you want. If you crave that icy type of milkshake with ice crystals in it (a more traditional variation) make sure to use a lower butterfat mix and maybe add some whole milk when mixing since milk's low butterfat and higher water content will cause it to ice up. If you want a lush soft smooth thick milkshake then use a higher 5%-8% mix and the serving will be smooth and thick. Typically Milkshake serving temperature is about 24-26 degrees. Milkshake equipment has been on the rise due to the increased availability of quick dining places carrying milkshakes and retro landmarks introducing gourmet artisan milkshakes.

Be sure to contact us with your goals and we will make sure you get the proper commercial milkshake machine to fill your needs. Here at Slices Concession, we pride ourselves on our commercial quality used milkshake equipment. Cut down on ice cream shop expenses by purchasing from us. See your ice cream business thrive and increase your profit margin! Call us today at 352-262-9627


Edited 8/28/2020