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Our Story

Slices Concession began in 2009. Chino and Joe realized that current or aspiring owners of frozen dessert businesses needed quality used equipment at a fair price.

They successfully ran the highly reviewed Gelato Company in Gainesville, Florida for 5+ years before selling it. However, they wanted to take on a new challenge. This challenge was to become a premium quality ice cream machine & equipment wholesaler.

Chino and Joe are longtime friends and business partners. They started this challenge with one storage unit and one employee. Cleaning and servicing industrial ice cream equipment and machines in order to resell them at a reasonable price. Now, they have over 15 team members.  

Chino and Joe always go above and beyond for their customers and their team members. In just four years, the company grew from one storage unit to three commercial warehouse spaces.

As the company grew, our standards, volume, and size grew. In 2013, the company brought in Evan. Since 2013, Slices Concession has become the nation’s largest wholesaler of fully working used frozen dessert machines. From small margarita machines for the backyard party to high end, commercial production.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your ice cream goals.

Slices Concession Story




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