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Gelato is the Italian word for frozen but generally refers to Italian ice cream. Gelato was first developed in the 1500s as a way to enjoy a cold treat during the hot summer months. Traditionally gelato was distinctive between north and south Italy, being more water-based granita in the south concentrating on fruit flavors, as opposed to the north being more milk and cream styles. Gelato is typically healthier than American ice cream, due to using natural ingredients and less butterfat. Many gelato flavors include nutrient-rich nuts and fresh fruits, adding to the health benefits.

What makes gelato different? Well, gelato is lower in both fat and calories generally around 0-6%, whereas American ice cream is 12%-20%. Gelato is also served at 7-10 degrees which is much warmer than traditional ice cream. Whipped slower as it freezes gelato mixes in less air around 20%-40% overrun compared to 80%-100% of ice cream. This is why gelato is so dense and flavor-rich.

When making gelato from scratch the process is to mix your base from scratch, heating the contents to dissolve everything together, it is then important to quickly cool and age your base overnight. You would then take the base, blend in your flavorings until it the flavor is right. Then the mix is run through a batch freezer. Coming out of the batch freezer the gelato will be too soft for serving so it is then put through a blast freezer for about 20-30 minutes to harden a shell around the outside, but keep the rich soft interior. Finally, the bin of gelato is ready for your serving cabinet and to be enjoyed by your customers.

We carry small 1-liter batch freezers all the way up to 20-liter machines, typically the small 1 liter gelato machines are used for gourmet restaurants who serve the highest quality deserts in small quantity. And gelato shops who would most benefit from a 12-liter machine to make traditional gelato bins. If you have questions, please contact us to help you find the perfect gelato machines & batch freezers for your needs.