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Sugar Creek Foods Inc: Pioneers Of "Soft" Frozen Dessert Mixes

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Sugar Creek Foods International Russellville, Arkansas company logo with red ribbon slices concession logo and 3 soft serve gelato and frozen custard cups and an electro freeze 30t-cmt-232 and taylor 8756 machine

A Little About Sugar Creek Foods...

There are three things that define the heart & soul of Sugar Creek Foods Inc. products and company: Family owned, made in America, & "truly crafted" frozen yogurt. The company got its start in 1946 with a passion to offer its customers a truly unique soft serve/frozen yogurt product. Sugar Creek wanted to help its customers stand out in a crowded & competitive industry.

With this in mind, they quickly got to work in pioneering "soft" gelato & "soft" Italian ice. Their line of soft products allows for the variety of different frozen dessert types to be processed and frozen in a soft serve/frozen yogurt machine. Before they made this new product, you needed to use batch freezers to make either Italian ice, gelato, & frozen custard. If you didn't use the right equipment to make these then you could risk damaging your frozen dessert machine.

What Frozen Desserts Do They Offer? Why Should I Buy Sugar Creek?

 Sugar Creek offers soft serve ice cream, soft gelato, soft Italian ice, soft custard, sorbet, & cultured coconut milk, which can all be made using the same piece of equipment, a soft serve machine. This saves you damage to your machines, having to invest in new equipment, and it also provides you with a variety of new products (that have been tested to be best sellers) that you can offer to your customers.


Sugar Creek is always promoting health, wellness, & great taste. Proper nutrition goes hand in hand with a great taste, & the private brand of Honey Hill Farms focuses on developing Low Fat, Non-Fat, No Sugar Added Non-Fat, and Non-Fat Non-Dairy (Sorbets) products with a Certification of Live Active Cultures (during manufacturing & the finished product).

Sugar Creek Foods Inc. is always testing new ways to improve classic recipes and develop new flavors, and it all starts with the customer.

Real Life Situation: Sugar creeks recently tested their "cupcake" flavor with delighted customers. After some time spent trying to capture the true taste of cupcake with indulgent red chocolate cupcake base & added cream cheese icing droplets, the taste testers were pleasantly surprised stating that they loved how the icing droplets were evenly dispersed throughout the frozen dessert mix!

On top of the ingredients, sugar creek keeps the tradition of aging its products before blast freezing it. When crafting frozen dessert mixes with real ingredients (especially complicated flavors) it helps to let the ingredients settle & mix well in cooler vaults before blast freezing it. This way there is a more consistent & rich flavor evenly distributed throughout every last bite of the frozen dessert.


Some companies don't even consider the importance of packaging frozen dessert mixes, but they realized just how much hassle and money their customers could save with the specialized packaging they designed. "Super Jug" is designed with recyclable plastic, strong design, & easy to use.

Compared with other industry leaders, the super jug design leaks 0.05% versus a reported average of 23% leakage of competitors. This is done by using a specially designed mold to make the container without any seams so the container is one strong plastic piece.

What Does This Mean For The Customer?

If you have a frozen product, you expect it to not leak when you move it from the freezer to the fridge. Typically during shipping & handling, operators need to open crates, cut wires, and move large packages with a forklift. These things might cause damage to the container but are unnoticeable because a frozen product doesn't leak. When the product goes from the cart to the fridge to thaw out, the operators don't know if there is a damage done to the container. So when the product mix goes from frozen to liquid, the container might start leaking and you will lose product mix. Added to the loss, you have to spend valuable labor cleaning up the mess.

Top 3 Gelato Flavors

Yellow Cake Batter

Smooth & creamy, yellow cake batter is the closest thing you can have to a real slice of cake without the fat. It's made reduced fat & delicious, so go ahead... enjoy!

a slice of yellow cake with creamy frosting on top

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Why cookies when you can have cookie dough ice cream with reduced fat? Made with brown sugar, cocoa, & cookie dough drops.

chocolate chip cookie dough lump on table top

Candy Bar Crunch

A decadent candy explosion without the worries because it's a reduced fat Gelato! This offers all of your favorite candy bars into one: peanut butter, toffee, chocolate, and caramel with real candy flakes.

crunchy chocolate candy bar with caramel and wafer cookie


Top 5 Honey Hill Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Cookies & Cream

Made with real, specially-made low-fat chocolate sandwich cookies with a creamy center!

cookies and cream chocolate wafer sandwhich cookies with creamy white center


Made with the golden classic flavor of Vanilla!

french-vanilla orchids and pods of the genus Vanilla


Rich European chocolate flavor infused into alow-fat yogurt never tasted so good!

3 fancy eurpoean styled chocolates


Make the summer season last a little longer with the low-fat strawberry yogurt made with a rich strawberry puree!

three freshly picked strawberryes

Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel

This flavor won the 2015 award for the best new product at the national restaurant show and for good reason. It combines the sweet & creaminess of caramel with the crunchy & salty texture of pretzels!

sea-salt-caramel blocks with large chunks of salt and crisp pretzels

Industry Fact: Did you know that vanilla & chocolate flavors form a whopping 30% of sales out of all the existing & new flavors in the ice cream & desserts industry?

What Machines Do We Recommend?

Taylor 8756

Designed with two 3.4 quarts (3.2 liters) freezing cylinders & two 9 gallon mix tanks. The finished product quality is monitored by Softech controls that measure viscosity.

Taylor 8756

Electro Freeze SL500

The Electro Freeze SL500 produces great tasting frozen desserts that are smooth, creamy, and consistent. The 22” wide footprint allows for more units in a smaller space. The SL500 is the perfect yogurt shop freezer and is great for adding flavors to ice cream shops, too!

Electro Freeze SL500

Stoelting F231

 Made with a:

  • proprietary auger design gently folds mix and prevents product breakdown, producing a smoother, creamier product.
  • Compact design for locations where space is an issue.
  • Precision controlled refrigeration system designed for quality product consistency from the first cone to the last.
stoelting f231

A Small Thank You...

We wanted to give a small thank you to our partner Gerald Smith who's a national sales manager at Sugar Creek. We've been working with him for a while and he was nice enough to better educate us on all the exquisite products Sugar Creek has to offer as well as give us samples of their wonderful products to make a variety of quality frozen desserts with soft serve machine friendly mixes.

If you ever need soft frozen custardsoft gelato, soft serve ice cream, or any kind of cultured coconut milk mix that you can easily freeze & process in your soft serve machines, we strongly recommend you contact Gerald. He's very knowledgeable, friendly, and listens very carefully to help best meet your business's needs.

Feel Free To Give Him A Call At: (479)-567-1047

If you have any further questions about the machines we offer, & how they could benefit your business:

Check out Our Frozen Yogurt/Soft Serve Machines

Or Call Us: 352-262-9627


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