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Frozen Beverages / Margaritas / Daiquiris

Frozen Beverages have become increasingly popular with the rise of Frosé. We carry a versatile line of machines capable of making popular products such as Frozen Lemonade, Frozen Margaritas, Daiquiris, Frosé, Slushies, this list continues and with some creativity the limits are endless. With the addition of a mixing blender, which can be ordered mounted to your machine, you have the ability to add a neutral mix and can mix in the puree to make an endless number of variations. These frozen beverage & margarita machines do very well in u-pick farms, restaurants who want to add flair to their bar, kid’s centric places for slushies and more.

There are many types of machines on the market, but typically you see the plastic top frozen drink machines, they are really only usable in very low volume operations. As every time you fill the machine, it defrosts the entire mix. The frozen beverage & margarita machines we have available will provide continuous service for their entire barrel size and can refreeze the barrel incredibly quickly. Machines we recommend are the Taylor 430 for low to medium volume, this machine is very versatile as it is the only true commercial machine to operate on 115v. Next, we have the Taylor 340 this is a medium to high volume machine, with double the capacity of the Taylor 430. This machine is also countertop but runs on 220v. Last we have the Taylor 342 which is a very high volume stand up machine with two barrels. You have the option of running two base flavors or separate types of products. These frozen beverage and daiquiri machines require 2, 220v plugs and are recommended for places who plan to have consistent lines of customers to serve. We would love to help you find the right frozen drink machine, for more information on getting started with frozen drinks check out our guide on how to make frozen daiquiris and other frozen drinks.