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Debunking The Myth Of Needing To Add Fresh Freon

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taylor 430 frozen beverage margarita machine with glowing tube connecting to freon gasket

What Is Fresh Freon? & Why Is It Unnecessary To Add More Freon In Most Cases?

"Fresh freon" is freon without any type impurities such as oils, humidity, contamination from other freon, & nitrogen. 

 The freon in the machine does not need to be replaced for the life of the machine.

Theoretically, if the machine is sealed and you add fresh freon, you're adding to a system that does not need to be added to.

When Does Freon Need To Be Replaced?

* Keep in Mind that to work with freon, you need to use freon that has an EPA certification and should not be worked on by a person that doesn't have technical experience with freon systems.

There are two instances in which you need to replace the freon on your machine:

  • When there is a freon leak in the machine you need to seal the machine's leakage first and then add new freon to the system.
  • If the compressor blows, it could be possible that the compressor adds acid to the freon system, therefore, you need to pump it out and add new freon

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