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Hurricane BTW: How Using A Taylor 430 Can Increase Sales In A Casual/Fast Food Venue

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Hurricane BTW & Our Experience On Opening Day

When we first walked into Hurricane BTW our initial reaction was: This. Is. Awesome. Never before had we seen a casual restaurant serving burgers, tacos, wings, and shakes in a venue that can only be described as a cross between a Buffalo Wild Wings and a Ron Jon Surf Shop straight out of Miami's Wynwood art district.

Placing The Taylor 430 At The Center

 Upon walking in we notice the particular set up of the store. At the center extending towards the left wall is the cash register with the Taylor 430 frozen drink machine at the very center of where the wait staff operates, with a wide opening through the kitchen wall so customers can observe the food being prepared (particularly the creamy milkshakes being made).

We thought this set up was particularly interesting because since the opening was recent, customers might not have the best idea of what the food looks like, its aroma, or even the consistency & texture. This allows people to observe the cooking & preparation process of the food so they have a clearer idea of what to order and since the Taylor 430 is at the center point, it encourages people to order a milkshake when they might have not originally planned to get one.

This is a simple yet effective way to increase sales of items that have very high-profit margins.

Milkshake Profit Margins

We know that venues like Hurricane B.T.W. like to use premium quality milkshake ingredients so their total cost per can be estimated at about $1. If each milkshake is sold at $4 and there are 50 milkshakes sold in one day, then you're profits are an extra $150 per day.

For a more in-depth analysis of the profits in frozen desserts check out these two articles:

 strawberry banana milkshake from hurricane btw


What Machines Do We Recommend To Venues Like BTW?

 We recommend the following machines because: 1) they are very easy to disassemble, clean, & reassemble 2) Relatively inexpensive machine/parts & easy to find parts on the market 3) Reliability of the brand due to how the machine is manufactured & how all frozen dessert machine technicians have experience fixing Taylor company machines (this makes it easy to find a technician in your area if you ever need one).

taylor 430 margarita frozen cocktail machine

Taylor 430

Out of all three machines, this one has the lowest production volume but freezes new product in the barrel in 8-10 minutes. this is recommended for small venues.

taylor 340 frozen drink machine

Taylor 340

We recommend this machine for venues that have a medium sales volume of frozen beverages. Both the freezing cylinder & hopper are larger than the 430.

taylor 342 frozen beverage machine

Taylor 342

This machine is for very high volume sales and has double the capacity of the Taylor 340. A tip we give to owners is that they can have both freezing cylinders produce a basic margarita or frozen drink base and have pumps with flavoring next to the machine so instead of having to freeze fresh product for every order, they can just add a pump or two of flavoring.

A Small Thank You...

We wanted to take a moment to thank Jack Gandolfo (Owner) & Nick Montanaro for inviting us out on opening day to witness such a beautiful venue flourish with a sea of eager customers coming into the store to order such fantastic food.

If anyone is ever in Gainesville, Florida and curious for a casual eat with an exotic spin on classic recipes, we recommend you stop by their restaurant. Feel free to even ask them about how the machine's helping their business and complementing their menu... it just might encourage you to start researching a frozen dessert opportunity for your business.

If Any Questions, Call Us: (352) 262-9627

Or Check Out Our Machines

Are you interested in opening your own frozen dessert venue? Here at Slices Concession we have a wide assortment of soft serve & frozen yogurt machines that can further enhance the experience of your venue. Whether it be a low volume countertop model to add a few additional menu items, or a full standing model to carry you through your grand opening and beyond. We are the number one distributor in the nation of used ice cream and frozen drink machines. We feature popular brands such as Taylor, Stoelting, and Carpigiani. We have machines with both single and three phase capability, as well as air or water cooled. Our experts will help guide you in picking the best machine for your venue. With an east coast and west coast office, as well as stellar reviews on both Facebook and Google, you will see why we are trusted as the best. Visit our website, or if you are in the area, set up an appointment to stop by!



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