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How to Adjust the Viscosity on a Stoelting F231

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stoelting f231 with rich and creamy ice cream mix being poured into a bucket with control board screen & slices concession logo

In this article, we walk you through how to adjust the viscosity on a Stoelting F231 using the menu controls.

*** We recommend you have a certified technician do any adjustments or changes to machinery and always be careful because electricity can be dangerous & cause harm.

We first start at the home page to be able to access the technician level menu. Click on the right arrow & select to arrive at the password selection screen, then click the right arrow, set, & select. This gives you access to the technician level menu.

Start with the fine consistency adjustment and click select, once at the menu the machine will show the options for the left barrel which you click select to change it from the left barrel options to the right.

How Do You Change Consistency For Each Barrel?

stoelting f231 control board screen showing the technician screen to adust the product mix viscosity

 Once you have the option of the left or right barrel you click the set button to edit the options on that specific barrel.

The up and down arrows are used to increase the value of a digit or decrease its value. The left & right arrows are used to change from one digit to another. When finish, click the set button and the values for the consistency cut in limit & consistency cut out limit (the two values above the fine consistency) will change after you adjusted the product mix viscosity.

Repeat the same process for the other side if desired and/or when wanting to adjust the viscosity to something else.

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  • Ho I had a solenoid go on my machine when it was changed I have not been able to get the cream to harden enough to put on a con. What should the settings be for consistency. Is there default settings to start with.

    Robert on
  • Hi, my machine’s consistency is stuck at +/- 5 and won’t go any higher. I see that you can adjust your machine to +/- 20. How can I get mine to do that? My product is very soft and I would like it to be firmer.

    Christine on
  • Thank you for your comment, there is no “right adjustment” as each product has different sugar levels, and the adjustments vary even from flavor to flavor. If you are getting chunks of ice, most likely there is a problem with your mix. When good mix overfreezes it will become rock hard in the barrel, causing the belts to screach or even bending the auger. If it is getting chunks of ice, it is probably not evenly mixed or there is too much water in the mix.

    Slices Concession on
  • I live outside of the city and have a problem with adjustment of the machine. There is little peace of ice with the machine the spec are -002. what would be the right adjustement . Calling the repair man is a joke, they do nothing and charge $275. so I would like to do it myself. Thanks

    Gisele on

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