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Phasemaster Rotary Converters: The Solution To Only Having Single Phase Electricity Available For Your Frozen Dessert Machine

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Phasemaster Type MA-A with electrical wire, taylor c713 and taylor 794 frozen yogurt soft serve machines and slices concession logo

What Is The PhaseMaster Type MA-A?

 The PhaseMaster Type MA-A rotary phase converter is a source of 3 phase electrical power for all types of frozen dessert machines (frozen beverage machines, soft serve, batch freezers), manufacturers (Taylor, Stoelting, Carpigiani, Electro Freeze), & models (like the 794, C713, SL500).

The MA-A is designed to be remote controlled as required by the machine. This helps you save energy when the machine isn't being used. The converter is equipped with magnetic controls that enable it to be started on demand from the pump controller, timer, float switch or other pilot device.

Why Invest In A Converter?

green check markSaves you money

If you didn't use a converter, the costs of having an electrical company run a three phase power line to your building can be very high. Not to mention the added costs of setting up the connection to feed each machine if you own & operate more than one at a time.

green check markAllows you to use the power of a three-phase machine without needing three-phase

Though single phase & three phase options for specific machine models are designed to have roughly the same amount of output, three phase machines freeze faster, can freeze larger quantities, & produce more volume. That is why the higher you go in production capacity the harder it is to find a single phase high volume batch freezer. With the converter, you can use the same power of the three phase without having to get a three phase power line into your building.

green check markyou can purchase a wider range of machines

Since some manufacturers produce certain models in a three phase option exclusively, the 3 phase power converter gives you a wider range of frozen dessert machines to choose from because you can run a three phase machine.

Maybe you prefer the blade technology in one model, or the hopper system of another machine because it affects your final product but that machine is only offered in a three phase option. Now you can go ahead and purchase it because you have a converter.

What Machines Is It Compatible With?

It is compatible with all brands & models of frozen dessert machines but we highly recommend pairing the converters with our most popular soft serve machines:

Taylor 794

Taylor C713

taylor 794 ice cream machine taylor c713 frozen yogurt machine



The 794 has two 3.2 liter freezing cylinders and two 13.2 liter mix hoppers. The C713 has two 3.2 liter freezing cylinders and two 18.9 liter mix hoppers.

 Both machines are made with standby features to protect the product, specially designed freezer doors, and indicator lights to alert operators to add mix.

If Any Questions, Please Call: 352-888-1107

* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion. 

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