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What Types Of Machines Should I Buy For My Bar?

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When opening a bar there are ample things one must buy to ensure the bar’s success. An ample range of different liquors is a must, as well as a theme geared towards your clientele. But most importantly, in order to to get drinks to customers in a hasty manner as well as ensure the best quality, picking out a great frozen drink machine for those hot summer nights will be sure to make your venue a hit! Frozen drink machines give the highest level of profit margin in a bar. A frozen drink is a premium product and can be priced as such, although the cost is less than most standard drinks.

We work hard to stock up on a wide variety of high quality frozen drink machines. Our drink machines make a wide range of drinks including but not limited to, frose, slushies, milkshakes, smoothies, granitas, pina coladas, margaritas, apple cider, and frozen lemonade which has been proven to be very successful.

Taylor 342

We feature the Taylor 342, a two flavor high volume floor model. It has a 20 quart mix hopper and freezing ability of 7 quarts. The Taylor 342 has a 7,500 BTU compressor, as well as a 30 day warranty. This drink maker is ideal for large scale bars that are seeing a rise in clientele as well as seeking a high turnover rate with drinks. With the Taylor high volume machine,  it’s very easy to mix ingredients and start serving. You do not have to constantly refill and worry if you will have to take time from serving customers to mix a new batch of ingredients.

Taylor 340

The Taylor 340 is a single flavor high volume drink maker. It is stationed for counter top usage and features a 20 quart mix hopper, a 7 quart freezing cylinder and a 30 day warranty. It has a 6,000 BTU compressor, and is great for bars with a mid scale rise of clientele seeking to make great additions to their menus with the wide variety of drinks that our Taylor’s can make!


Are you interested in opening your own frozen dessert venue? Here at Slice’s Concession we have a wide assortment of frozen dessert machinery that can further enhance the experience of your venue. Whether it be a low volume countertop model to add a few additional menu items, or a full standing model to carry you through your grand opening and beyond. We are the number one distributor in the nation of used ice cream and frozen drink machines. We feature popular brands such as Taylor, Stoelting, and Carpigiani. We have machines with both single and three phase capability, as well as air or water cooled. Our experts will help guide you in picking the best machine for your venue. With an east coast and west coast office, as well as stellar reviews on both Facebook and Google, you will see why we are trusted as the best. Visit our website, or if you are in the area, set up an appointment to stop by!


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