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How To Make Ice Cream A Healthy Alternative Snack

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“Americans’ growing awareness of sugar content is clearly playing out in their selection of many products, ice cream included. Innovative food manufacturers are capitalizing on those consumer desires by creating reduced-sugar frozen treats that still deliver a rich, decadent experience.” ( Ice cream is seen to many Americans as a snack that both is delectable, but coming with a hefty amount of calories and unwanted sugar. Fortunately the frozen dessert industry realized that in order to keep sales static, they needed to find alternatives. Frozen yogurt shops are undoubtedly just as, if not more popular as ice cream shops. From 2015 onward, recent studies have found that the frozen dessert industry has seen a 3.5 percent growth with alternative desserts driving sales. Gelato has been popularized second to frozen yogurt, with Italian ice making a staple too.
The Electro Freeze 30T-RMT is great frozen yogurt machine. It features single phase cool air, it has a great barrel freeze and it’s hopper refrigerates well. With our Electro Freeze products you will not have to constantly remix product, with our machinery as it is dispersed it refills itself with new product. Our in house technicians inspect the interior and exterior for any repairs needed.
The Carpigiani UC 1131 is very reliable alternative as well.Carpigiani Soft Serve freezers are built to last, and engineered for superior results they offers a complete line of soft serve machines, from single flavor countertop models to the largest capacity double flavor twist machine in the industry. Their counter models can mean big profits in small places, while our floor models come in a wide range of sizes and with either gravity-fed (G) or pump-fed (P) dispensing.

The Taylor 741 is great model that can ensure all your frozen yogurt needs. The Taylor 741 is a floor model three phase machine. The barrel freezer and hopper refrigerates excellent.  It has a 20 quart cylinder, indicator lights that are great for notifying when the machine needs more mix. The standby feature ensures that during long no-use periods, the machine will  maintain safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.
In conclusion, making an alternative frozen dessert snack won’t cut out any flavor, especially when using our models. We make sure to always inspect each machine and have nationwide technicians. Our technicians will train your staff on how to use the machine. Training and installation is included in the price of machine. Slices Concessions works hard, so that no matter what frozen product, your business will ensure success!

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