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What Type of Machine Should I Buy For My Mexican Restaurant?

Posted by Priya Brantley on

What Types of Machines Should I Buy For My Mexican Restaurant?
Adding a frozen drink machine is a great addition to your Mexican restaurant. Your guests will love the range and options that your frozen drink machines will provide. Our previous clients have been able to increase their profit margin and make back their investments in a short period of time. Full service machines can produce dozens of pitchers with an hours worth of frozen drinks. Our machines are able to produce a large amount of product while only taking up a moderate amount of restaurant footprint.
From margaritas to pina coladas and the now ever so popular wine slushies, it’s not hard to see why they are the perfect investment for a Mexican restaurant, new or old. We feature an array of machines and some of our most popular include Taylor, is one of our most popular and certainly a great quality machines. Our Taylor models are superior to other brands on the market. Our machines go through a rigorous inspection and are inspected inside and out. Our technicians make sure to do a the best job possible when refurbishing each machine. The great possibilities resulting from owning a frozen drink machine range huge in variety. One of the great bonuses of owning a frozen drink machine is that you will not need to have a liquor license, our drink makers are great for making excellent wine liqueurs.


Some Machines That Can Benefit You

Taylor 340

The model 340 is a great model offering options from Froze cocktails to fruit juices, frozen coffee, cappuccino and teas. With the 340’s viscosity control,you will be able to serve a superior quality product.


Taylor 430

The Taylor 430 is a great choice, it is a medium volume counter top model.With your Taylor 430, you can offer shakes and smoothies,frozen drinks, coffees, and even cappuccino, having such an amazing machine that truly does it all.

Taylor 342

With this machine you can serve at its desired thickness, it has specialty designed viscosity control, with its adjustable control, it allows the operator to serve a wide variety of frozen beverages.


Included below is the profits you could gain with the addition of any one of our frozen drink machines.


* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.


Sales Price


Profit Margin

Annual Income If 20 Is Sold

Annual Income If 50 Is Sold

Annual Income If 100 Sold








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