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What Type of Machine Should I Buy For My Mexican Restaurant?

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What Types of Machines Should I Buy For My Mexican Restaurant?

Enhancing your Mexican restaurant with a frozen drink machine can be a game-changer. Your patrons will relish the diverse beverage options these machines bring to the table. It's worth noting that many of our satisfied clients have not only boosted their profit margins but also recouped their investments quickly. These full-service machines are capable of churning out dozens of pitchers filled with delicious frozen drinks within an hour, all while taking up a reasonable amount of restaurant space.

From classic margaritas to tropical pina coladas and the increasingly popular wine slushies, it's evident why investing in frozen drink machines is a smart move for Mexican restaurants, whether they're well-established or just starting out. Our inventory boasts a variety of machines, with Taylor models standing out as top-quality choices. Taylor machines are known for their superior performance compared to other brands in the market. Each of our restaurant frozen drink machines undergoes meticulous inspections, both inside and out, ensuring they meet our high standards. Our dedicated technicians spare no effort in refurbishing each machine to perfection. The possibilities that come with owning a restaurant frozen drink machine are incredibly diverse. A significant advantage is that you won't need a liquor license, as our machines are perfect for crafting exceptional wine liqueurs.


Top Restaurant Frozen Drink Machines

Taylor 340 & Taylor 430

Taylor 340 image with slices concession watermarks on the bottom


Taylor 430

Photo of Taylor 430

Taylor 340

The Taylor 340 and 430 is a great choice, are medium volume counter top model. With your Taylor 430, you can offer shakes and smoothies, frozen drinks, coffees, and even cappuccino, having such an amazing machine that truly does it all. The primary distinction between the Taylor 430 and the Taylor 340 is that the Taylor 430 features a shorter barrel.

Taylor 342

Taylor 342 image with slices concession logo watermarks

With its specialty-designed viscosity control and adjustable settings, this powerhouse enables operators to serve a vast array of frozen beverages, making it the ultimate solution for establishments with the highest volume needs. Elevate your beverage service with the Taylor 342, designed to keep up with the busiest of Mexican restaurants while delivering exceptional results.

Are you interested in opening your own frozen dessert venue or adding a frozen machine to your restaurant? Here at Slice’s Concession, we have a wide assortment of frozen dessert machinery that can further enhance the experience of your venue. Whether it be a low volume countertop model to add a few additional menu items, or a full standing model to carry you through your grand opening and beyond.

Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect machine for your venue, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with your business objectives and vision. With an abundance of glowing reviews on both Facebook and Google, it becomes evident why we are regarded as the trusted industry leader.

We are the number one distributor in the nation of used ice cream and frozen drink machines feauturing popular brands such as Taylor, Stoelting, and Carpigiani. With stellar reviews on both Facebook and Google, you will see why we are trusted as the best. Visit our website, or if you are in the area, set up an appointment to stop by!

photo of 2 soft serve machines and advise to follow local and national health codes


* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.



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