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How To Replace The Thermostat Probe On Your Frozen Dessert Machine

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taylor 8756 soft serve frozen yogurt machine with temperature probe thermometer and snowflake cold symbol with slices concession logo

In this post we will use a Taylor 794 thermometer replacement probe as an example since it has a very similar configuration to most ice cream machines.

*** We recommend you have a certified technician do any adjustments or changes to machinery and always be careful because electricity can be dangerous & cause harm.

Preparations: First, turn off the machine & then make sure it is unplugged so you don't electrocute yourself when replacing the thermostat probe.

Removing The Old Probe

Remove the screws from the machine cover at the top of the 794 which holds the control panels. After removing the 2 screws that hold the control panels in place, gently lift up and pull the bottom out.

The probe is a coiled black wire, located directly behind where the control panel mounts into the machine. If there are zip ties holding it together, be careful to cut the zip ties off so you can work freely with the thermostat probe.

After cutting off the zip ties, locate the 2 different colored wires on the probe (colors will vary depending on the thermostat you use). Remove the first section which runs a "ground" wire into the back of the front panel and follow the white wire which connects into the control panel right behind the section that says "barrel probe". 

When you remove both colored wires of the probe from the machine, pull out the probe using the head. The probe should easily slide out from the machine near the mix hopper.

Installing The New Probe

Locate the head of the new Taylor temperature probe replacement and unwind it if needed. Reinsert the new head in through the probe hole in the machine & keep inserting until the probe hits a wall and can't be pushed any further.

Any excess wire should be rolled up and secured with a tie. Then connect the black wire into the machine mount where the original black connected to and connect the colored wire into the control panel section titled "barrel probe". Then place the control panel back in place and securely screw in both screws.

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