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The 2 Main Types Of Pump Systems On Taylor Ice Cream Machines

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taylor 8756 frozen yogurt machine with slices concession equipment specialists logo on it and soft serve ice cream cone in the background

There are two main types of Taylor ice cream machine pumps designed for their pressurized machines. All the pressurized machines made by Taylor have either a simplified coaxial pump or a horizon pump. Below we explain the differences between the two types of Taylor pumps, the use of a third peristaltic pump in some Taylor machines, & we make a side note on the technology called "flavor burst" which could potentially increase profits for your business.

Prior to delving into the details, it's essential to clarify that the information provided here exclusively pertains to pressurized or pump-operated machines. Gravity-fed machines, on the other hand, do not employ pumps. In gravity-fed systems, you simply pour the product mix into the hoppers positioned atop the machines and freezing cylinders. The force of gravity facilitates the smooth flow of the mixture into the freezing cylinders.

taylor 8756 with red arrows showing the flow of product mix through the horizon pump inside the machine

Pump fed machines usually have a small cabinet or compartment at the bottom of the machine where you pour your product into large containers and place the pump's tubes into for it to pull the mix from the bottom of the machine up to the freezing cylinders at the top of the machine.

In terms of the finished product that comes out of the machine's spouts, there is no difference between the two Taylor pump styles. The only two differences are the simplicity of the design and the durability of the parts.

Simplified Taylor Pump

taylor simplified pump mix system with different parts and o rings that make up the entire pump

How Can You Tell It's A Simplified Pump?

 The best way to tell the difference is to open up the machine and take a look at the mechanics inside. The simplified Taylor pump is characterized by two sets of tubes connected to metal cylinders inside the machine at the top of the cabinet below the machine. taylor 8756 frozen yogurt machine coaxial simplified pumps

How Does It Work & How Do I Clean It?

The instructions for operating & cleaning this ice cream machine pump can be found in your owner's manual. Keep in mind that each manual has a different order in which it presents necessary information to you, but information you need can always be found in the operator's manual. This manual is for the Taylor C706 which shows:

  • The parts & pieces in blown up view of the pump on page 9
  • Pump assembly on page 15
  • Disassembly on pages 25-26
  • Pump key & the pump reset button on page 13
  • Air & product mix pump checklist for operator to review on page 29

What Are The Differences Of Picking A Simplified Over A Horizon?

The big difference between the two is in the cleaning procedures. The simplified pump has less parts and o rings than the horizon pump making it easier to take apart, clean, and put back together. There are no issues or difficulty when cleaning this type of pump. Being that this pump is easier to clean due to the materials and assembly it carries, it makes it easier to experience wear & tear. This is because the simplified pump has more O rings and plastic pieces which can usually break more easily.

Horizon Pump

taylor horizon mix delivery pump assambly instructions with the pump showing every piece & part

How Can You Tell It's A Horizon Pump?

The best way to tell the difference is to open up the machine. The horizon pump is easily distinguishable by its use of 2 sets of tubes per barrel (used as hopper below the machine in large full standing models) as well as the circular face plates that create a semicircle shape with the tubes. 8756 soft serve ice cream peristaltic horizon pumps in the bottom compartment of the machine with barrel shapped hoppers

How Does It Work & How Do I Clean It?

We always recommend you check your operator's manual before doing any kind of maintenance or cleaning on your machines. The manual below we provide is for the Taylor 8756, 8752, & 8757 which shows:

  • Pump operation notes on page 19
  • Pump assembly and a blown up view of the parts and pieces on pages 24-28
  • Pump cleaning page 33
  • Pump disassembly page 34
  • Mix pump operator's checklist page 37

What Are The Differences Of Picking A Horizon Over A Simplified?

The horizon pump has a more intricate assembly in which it has a variety of O rings instead of plastic pieces. Since the horizon pump uses a more complicated system with rubber pieces, then it is much more complicated to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. Since it is more complicated to take apart and put back together you usually need some training (typically 3 session) from a Taylor company technician. The extensive use of O rings and other rubber parts makes the machine more reliable and less likely to mess up compared to the simplified pump (although both pumps have a very small percentage of mistakes).

Peristaltic Pump

The peristaltic pump can be found in machines such as the Taylor 8756. Though the peristaltic pump serves a different function than the horizon and simplified pumps, it is still crucial to the functioning of the machine. This pump pushes the product up to the freezing cylinders.

Side Note: Flavor Burst Technology

taylor 794 soft serve frozen yogurt machine with flavor burst technology attached to spouts and nozzles of the machine


vanilla flavored frozen yogurt with green coconut flavored strips of flavor burstThese are electronic touch pads along with tubes and a separate machine that holds box bags with flavors that attach to the ice cream machines to give it a burst of extra flavor. The way this works is that you have 8 different flavor options that you can choose while the machine makes a basic flavor (such as vanilla, chocolate, coconut, etc.) and the flavor burst machine infuses strips of flavor into the soft serve ice cream that pours from the spout/nozzle of the machine. The strips of flavor are visible and aren't fully mixed into the ice cream but it gives it a beautifully appetizing appearance.

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