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Weddings and Ice Cream: A Perfect Match

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So much goes into a wedding, not the least of which is choosing desserts and entertainment for your guests. To make the night perfect, everything needs to be just right. And nothing says dessert perfection like ice cream! In true wedding vendor fashion, let's review your options with Slices Concession. 

Option #1: The Outdoor Excursionists

The blue skies and temperate weather always call your name, even on your wedding day. But with the date set for the middle of July, even Jack Frost can't help you now. That's where Slices Concession comes in, with the Taylor 430.

Taylor 430 Slushie Margarita Frozen Beverage Ice Cream Machine Slices Concession

(Taylor 430)

Single Phase
Air Cooled
Holds 4 quarts
Automatic Consistency Control
Weight: 176 lbs.



You could serve a slush safe for the kiddos or spice things up with frosé! Packing four quarts of liquid bliss and automatic consistency control, this machine strikes the perfect balance between effective and efficient. Great for margaritas and frozen beverages, the Taylor 430 will surely keep things cool at your outdoor venue.

Option #2: The Classic Couple

Ice Cream Soda Couple Image

With its pop idols and old America feel, the mid-1900s make the perfect backdrop for a classic style wedding. And what screams classic more than a soda jerk selling ice cream sodas at the corner store? For the couple with 50s flair, the Taylor 142 or the Electro Freeze CS4 are the machines for you.

Taylor 142 Soft Serve Frozen Dessert Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Machine

(Taylor 142)

Electro Freeze CS4 Frozen Yogurt Frozen Dessert Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

(Electro Freeze CS4)

Single Phase
Air Cooled
Holds 1.5 Quarts
Automatic Temperature Control
"Standby" Feature
Weight: 180 lbs.
Single Phase
Air Cooled
Auger Design
Consistency Control
Weight: 205 lbs. 

With automatic temperature control keeping your ice cream cool at all times, the Taylor 142 and Electro Freeze CS4 are the perfect machines for your ice cream soda station! You could even "set it and forget it," and let guests serve themselves ice cream. But for effect and limited mess, a soda jerk might be a good idea!

Option #3: Simply Dessert

Napkin Place Setting Dessert Ice Cream Image

Maybe like me, you're just not that into cake. (I know, I'm a terrible person.) Well then, why not have ice cream as your headlining dessert? After all, ice cream was there for you in the Brutal Breakup of '11. Or was that just me? Anyway, the Taylor 152 and Stoelting E111 will fit all of your (dessert) needs.

Taylor 152 Soft Serve Frozen Dessert Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Machine

(Taylor 152)

Stoelting E111 Frozen Dessert Frozen Yogurt Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

(Stoelting E111)

Single Phase
Air Cooled
Holds 1.5 Quarts
Standby Mode
Solid State Control
    Single Phase
    Air Cooled
    Holds 2.6 Quarts
    Energy Conservation Mode (ECM)
    Solid State Control

        With modes to keep things cool until you cut the... ice cream? ... Eh, the point is, the Taylor 152 and Stoelting E111 will keep your ice cream acting like ice cream until it's time for dessert.

        If you'd like to put a ring on one of our machines or find out a little more about them first, please visit us at or call us at (352) 262-9627.


        * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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