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Running Soft Serve Machines on a Generator: What You Need to Know

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Slices Concession Soft Serve Running on a Generator ChecklistStoelting F231 Stress Test

Running soft serve machines using generators are a great way to target new markets. Your market is not limited to a brick & mortar store or electrical phase restrictions. You have the freedom to deliver the product to the customer. From festivals, carnivals, shopping malls, and street venues, running a generator can improve your profit. 

Using a Honda EU7000 Generator, Slices Concession does stress tests on a Stoelting F231

Single Generator - No Ecomode 

Running a single generator, not on ecomode, produces quality product. The F231 machine runs at 12 amps and 250 volts. Using the middle lever, it uses power from both the left and right beaters, causing a larger surge. 

Bottom Line: You are able to efficiently run most soft serve machines on a generator of similar capacity. 

Single Generator - Ecomode 

However, running a single generator on ecomode is unreliable. There is not enough power going to the machine for it to run smoothly. There is a lot of added stress which causes problems for the machine. 

Bottom Line: You are not able to efficiently run most soft serve machines on a single generator using ecomode.  

Dual Generator 

Running dual generators using the Stoelting F231 machine works flawlessly. Regardless of whether the machine is using ecomode or not. 

Bottom Line: You are able to efficiently run soft serve machines on dual generators using ecomode. 


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