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How Frozen Lemonade Increases Your Profits

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frozen lemonade in purple glass cup with lemon slice & colorful straw sitting on wooden table outdoors

 At the International Independent Showmen's Association (IISA) convention in Gibsonton, FL, we showed concessionaires and carnival folk how to use frozen drink machines (Taylor 430 and 340) to serve frozen lemonade.

The energy we got from the crowd was fantastic & they loved to see how a frozen drink machine works.

The great part about serving frozen lemonade is that it's cheap, people love it on a hot day, & profit margins are huge, plus you can easily find all the ingredients at your local supermarket.

You can sell a 12 oz frozen product for $3-4 and your product cost will be under 10 cents for the product. These are very high margins of profit. 

On a hot Summer day, frozen lemonade outsells most other products.



How To Make Frozen Lemonade


  • 1 gallon of water
  • 1.5 lbs sugar
  • 21 oz lemon juice (bottled)


Simply combine the sugar and water, and heat the mixture on a stove or in a microwave (no need to boil) until the sugar melts. Finally, mix in the lemon juice. This frozen lemonade drink recipe makes about 1.5 gallons.

Frozen Drink Machines That are Perfect for This Recipe

The Taylor 430 and 340 are remarkable machines and relatively inexpensive. Because of their great design (larger compressors and cylinders than Bunn frozen drink machines), they can produce a high volume of product. From start to finish, the whole cylinder freezes in under 8 minutes.

When you serve customers their drinks, the machine automatically refills and mixes it in with the existing product mix. This feature is extremely helpful especially when you have a long line of customers on a busy day.


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