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The Global Inclusion of Frozen Yogurt

Posted by Priya Brantley on

Frozen Academy sat down with Susan Linton, the founder of the International Frozen Yogurt Association (IFYA). What sets the IFYA apart is that it is the only frozen yogurt specific association in the world with content catered for this specific food product. The great benefits members can look forward to receiving include a wide range of discounts, such as worker’s compensation insurance at a discounted rate, and even discounts on credit card processing, as well as discounts on soft serve mixes,  soft serve machines, cups, spoons, and more.
Her favorite part of the work experience is getting to talk and visit different frozen yogurt venues, particularly ones with new concepts. Susan had a passion for frozen yogurt and decided to start a blog around it. She started her blog,, in 2008. Pretty soon it grew in popularity and developed a following of not only frozen yogurt enthusiasts, but also store owners and suppliers. At that time frozen yogurt was still in its pioneering years, so her blog was a great place for people in the industry to connect.
The success of her blog led to her starting the International Frozen Yogurt Association in 2013, a website dedicated to help serve as an unbiased source of support and information for current and prospective frozen yogurt store operators. The association sets and promotes standards to elevate the quality of frozen yogurt stores. IFYA currently has a Swirl of Honor program that is the first international quality seal specifically focused on frozen yogurt. IFYA sets high standards to their deliberation process, some standards include eco-friendliness, customer service, cleanliness, and of course the quality of the product.
The Swirl of Honor program currently runs in two dozen countries. When awarded the Swirl of Honor, the recipient will get a decal to display in their store window. Linton’s favorite frozen yogurt flavor is plain tart, due to the fact that it is tangy, goes well with fruit, and tastes like real yogurt. The best technological innovation in the frozen yogurt industry that she has seen is Hydra Rinse, a revolutionary cleaning and sterilization system for soft serve machines that saves time and money. She advises this because cleanliness is a key component to the success of any frozen yogurt venue. For help with your frozen dessert venue, please visit and
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* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.
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