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It's Nut What You Think, It's Better!

Posted by Priya Brantley on

Frozen Academy had the pleasure of interviewing Naomi Posner, owner of Mami’s Gelato. They recently came out with a new line called Almondice™. What sets their almond based product apart from the competition is that it is specifically catered for hard ice cream due to the fact that it is very scoopable, making it the perfect contender in your display case. However, the option for creating a great soft serve product is certainly attainable.They sourced the best almonds to ensure a consistent and delicious flavor.
If you are familiar with Mami’s Gelato, you should be familiar with their line called Froconut® that has been a hit in dairy free venues across the world. Almondice™ differs from Froconut® due to the fact that the finished product has more body, is firmer, and has more density. It tastes richer and unlike other almond based ice creams, it’s nutritional components are comparable to Froconut®. They use real roasted almonds so the flavor is rich and authentic. The public’s response has been very positive, with old and new customers alike showing support. In fact, more people are asking for more bases. Future flavors for Almondice™ could include a chocolate flavor, while other flavors are still up in the air. “If we get enough requests, we will try anything!” says Posner enthusiastically.
However, this is just a start for Mami’s Gelato. They plan on expanding and experimenting with more base options. Keep a lookout for their oat based mix that is in the final stages of development. The oat based mix has more of a neutral flavor and is, of course, dairy-free.The best dairy-free technological innovation Posner has seen in the industry is the fact that dairy-free concepts as a whole have become globally mainstream. She loves being able to create products that let people with dietary restrictions indulge. And dairy-free consumers have indulged in Mami’s Gelato, last year they brought in over 3 million servings and this year it is anticipated to increase to 4 or 5 million servings. For more information on how you can bring Almondice™ or Froconut® to your frozen dessert venue, check out And for all your hard or soft serve machinery needs, check out

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