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U-Pick Farms Frozen Beverage Machines to Increase Profits

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U-Pick Farms Florida Ice Cream

We have experience in helping hundreds of satisfied clients increase their profits by investing in our premium quality frozen dessert and ice cream machines for small businesses. We were interested in finding out how our satisfied customers were succeeding in their industries, so we decided to interview Jamie Lowe, Owner & Operator of Lake Catherine Blueberries. The following information is the result of a Q&A:

1. Who Are You & What Machines Did We Supply You With?

We're a U-pick farm located off of Lake Catherine Road in Groveland, Florida. Our customers come to our farm to pick the freshest blueberries & blackberries Florida has to offer. We invested in a soft serve ice cream machine & a frozen beverage machine to make home made ice cream & frozen lemonade with.

2. How Do Our Machines Benefit You & Your Business?

We found that our sales & profit margins are much higher because of the add on from the use of these machines. At our farm, especially during the summer, our soft serve ice cream & frozen lemonade are the most popular restaurant items. At our farm we also host events, such as marriages, birthday parties, & other occasions with full catering & freshly made frozen cocktails with the use of these machines.

3. What Recipe Do you Use To Make Your Famous Lemonade & Ice Cream?

Honestly, we only really use two simple ingredients which are our fresh fruits & natural ingredients. We make sure that we mix the both ingredients well & we pour the product into the machines which provides us with premium quality product. 

4. What Advice Do You Offer To Other U-Pick Farm & Business Owners Who Are Looking To Invest In A Machine For The First Time?

Naturally there is always a bit of nervousness & confusion with so many features in each machine. The machines are intimidating at first, but once you've picked the right machine and had a little bit of time using & cleaning it, these machines are very easy to use & clean. Before buying the ice cream machine, I wish I would've known the difference between a single phase versus three phase machine & the wiring of our building because that gave us difficulty in the beginning.

5. How Do The Machines Help Set You Apart From Other U-Pick Farms?

Each farm is different in complementary services & products they offer. Some farms have food trucks, while our farm offers it's own refreshments & foods. When people come to the farm they expect some kind of treats & refreshments, especially when the summer time gets really hot & they're out in the fields picking fruits. Our customers have been so happy with the refreshments that we offer that we literally have about 30% of our customers stop by our farm just for the ice cream or drinks, because they know that what they're eating is healthy & picked right in our backyard. We're very glad that we bought Slices Concession machines & appreciate all of the help.

If you have any questions on choosing a machine for your business please call us at 352-262-9627 & feel free to browse our machine catalog.


* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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