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Choosing the Perfect Soft Serve Machine: Boost Profits in Cafés, Restaurants, and Ice Cream Shops

Posted by Kara Yamashiro on

Whether you run a bustling café, trendy food truck, high-end restaurant, or ice cream shop, incorporating soft-serve ice cream into your offerings can boost profits and brand appeal. However, selecting the right equipment is crucial. At Slices Concession, we simplify this decision-making process to guide you to the best soft-serve machine for your business needs.

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What Type of Machine Should I Buy For My Mexican Restaurant?

Posted by Eduardo Agbing on

  What Types of Machines Should I Buy For My Mexican Restaurant? Enhancing your Mexican restaurant with a frozen drink machine can be a game-changer. Your patrons will relish the diverse beverage options these machines bring to the table. It's worth noting that many of our satisfied clients have not only boosted their profit margins but also recouped their investments quickly. These full-service machines are capable of churning out dozens of pitchers filled with delicious frozen drinks within an hour, all while taking up a reasonable amount of restaurant space. From classic margaritas to tropical pina coladas and the increasingly...

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Why Invest In A Used Ice Cream Machine?

Posted by Slices Concession on

Ice Cream Machines: Why Buy Used Instead of New Before we started Slices Concession in 2008, we owned and operated a Gelato and Frozen Dessert shop for 5+ years. Since then, we’ve helped a large variety of businesses start their own frozen dessert operations. We’ve helped everyone from small gas stations to large frozen yogurt and confectionary businesses. Selling frozen dessert can produce profit margins of up to 90%. Making the decision to invest in a used ice cream machine is the first step in helping you increase your bottom line as soon as possible. Reason One: Pricing and Value Retention...

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❄ ❄Scoop School: Freezing Mix ❄ ❄

Posted by Destini Miller on

 In this segment of Scoop School, Mr. C gives us the rundown on freezing your ice cream, yogurt, Gelato, and/or custard mix.  When you receive your mix from the manufacturer the Use-By date has already been set based on its pasteurization process. For High Temp. Short Time (HTST) products the use-by date is usually 20 days out. For Ultra High Temp. (UHT) products the use-by date is usually 60-90 days out. However, you can preserve your mix simply by keeping it under constant refrigeration. Scoop School recommends keeping it in a freezer with a temperature of less than 25 degrees...

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Vanilla Extract or Artificial Vanilla?

Posted by Joe Kearns on

Thank you to Singing Dog Vanilla for this incredible information. Do you know the difference between Mexican vanilla, pure vanilla extract, artificial vanilla flavor or other vanilla options available?  If you use vanilla in your business, you’ve probably researched available vanilla products but found it difficult to determine if you are comparing similar items.  This short tutorial will help you evaluate vanilla extract differences of various products.     Pure Vanilla Extract Pure Vanilla Extract (Ingredients: Water; Alcohol; Vanilla Bean Extractives) Vanilla Extract is defined by the FDA in CFR 21, part 169. It must be extracted from no less...

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