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Frozen Dessert Industry & Machine Articles — custard machine

How To Make Ice Cream A Healthy Alternative Snack

Posted by Priya Brantley on

“Americans’ growing awareness of sugar content is clearly playing out in their selection of many products, ice cream included. Innovative food manufacturers are capitalizing on those consumer desires by creating reduced-sugar frozen treats that still deliver a rich, decadent experience.” ( Ice cream is seen to many Americans as a snack that both is delectable, but coming with a hefty amount of calories and unwanted sugar. Fortunately the frozen dessert industry realized that in order to keep sales static, they needed to find alternatives. Frozen yogurt shops are undoubtedly just as, if not more popular as ice cream shops. From...

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Taylor C713: Machine Review & Analysis

Posted by Slices Concession on

The C713 Taylor model is a soft serve ice cream machine with two flavors and a twist option. These machines serve all types of low fat ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt & sorbet. What Are The Features / Specifications Of This Machine? Freezing Cylinders & Mix Hoppers The C713 has two 3.4 quart freezing cylinder, two 20 quart mix hoppers & comes equipped with a separate hopper refrigeration which keeps the product mix below 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). Controls & Indicator lights The control panel comes equipped with multiple languages to help you control viscosity & temperature as...

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