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Spotlight: Honey Hill Farms

Posted by Priya Brantley on

Slice’s Concession had the pleasure of doing an interview with Honey Hill Farms. Slice’s interviewed Bud Gunter, one of Honey Hill’s partners. Honey Hill Farms and Sugar Creek Foods facility has been producing quality products since 1946. In our recent interview with Mr. Gunter we explore their seasonal products. Mr. Gunter shared the huge range of flavors and mixed flavors that have been greeted with huge success.
Honey Hill has been inspired to make seasonal flavors for over 30 years. They have been making incredible unique flavors that can be used wonderfully with soft serve machines from Slice’s Concession. Honey Hill specializes in frozen yogurt products that are great for people looking for low fat and non dairy items. They have truly revolutionized  and have helped balloon out the way we see frozen yogurt. From diversifying and curating new flavors in the 1980’s when there was only about ten flavors to choose from, to including a big enough variety to where you can mix different flavors to create a new one that is truly original. An example of this is with their wildly popular Pumpkin Pie flavor (made with real pumpkin puree) mixed with their Cake Batter flavor to create an amazing flavor, Pumpkin Bread. With our machine’s at Slice’s Concession such the Taylor 754, Taylor 794, and the Taylor C712. These machine are soft serve and tailored (no pun) for frozen yogurt. Thankfully with Honey Hill products you are not only confined to making just frozen yogurt with their products, they have branched out to create soft serve gelato, custard, and Italian Ice, their goal is to make something for everybody. A truly inclusive brand.  Their non-dairy cultured soft-serve coconut milk product feature plant based cultures in their soft serve vegan products. In addition, Gunter finds that serving with a soft serve machine rather than a batch freezer makes the product come out at a more natural temperature for the palette. Serving soft serve also creates a more intense flavor than product from a batch freezer. You can find a great selection of soft serve machines with decreased over run at Slice’s Concession to perfectly pair with your Honey Hill product. Honey Hill also has a national twist flavor chart and can help you strategize which flavors to mix and match for your venue-- leveraging the center handle with its own flavor.
Unlike other frozen yogurt companies, Honey Hill uses a bulky flavoring system while other companies tend you use extract flavoring. With their bulk flavoring they use real fruit purees and many real food products to make a truly original and enhanced flavoring, something that is a lost art in the frozen dessert industry. Honey Hill stands true to using many bulky flavoring products in their frozen yogurt and other soft serve categories, for example you can be sure to find real pumpkin pie puree in their pumpkin products and real cookie dough in their chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. Gunter stating the chocolate chip cookie flavor is actually based off of a recipe from his partner’s mother . Having true authentic flavors is a huge part of Honey Hill’s ethos and they truly take pride in it. And rightfully so, they have had great success with the public. According to Gunter, orders for their Pumpkin Pie froyo starts mid August for their distribution date of September 1st. Honey Hill prides themselves in their bulky flavoring, and due to them using this flavoring system, it makes many of their soft serve products look more aesthetically pleasing. Pairing a machine with the quality of Honey Hill products not only can increase your bottom line but will also attract new customers as mixing two flavors to make one original one is something that shows the utmost innovation.

Attached below is some machines from Slice’s Concession we think would be best paired with Honey Hill products:








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