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A Great Margarita With A Taylor 430

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A Great Margarita With A Taylor 430

      The Taylor 430 frozen drink machine is excellent for making margaritas. It’s very easy to make margaritas with there being so many in the restaurant industry. A lot of venues opt to make their drinks with a pre-made mix, but here at Slices Concession we believe that using fresh ingredients is the best way to make a great quality drink. The process is simple, with the end product definitely being worth your while. Here is an easy commercial frozen margarita machine recipe.

What You Will Need
8 liters of tequila
3 liters of agave syrup
4 liters of limes juice
8 liters of water
(and a few limes!)

In this frozen margarita machine recipe what you will need to do is start off by grating a few limes and then squeezing them into a separate bowl. Pour your 8 liters of tequila into a measuring cup, and your agave syrup into a separate measuring cup. You will mix this mixture into your 5 quart tub and then add your 8 liters of water. You will stir this mixture together and place in the hopper of your Taylor 430. You’ll then turn your industrial margarita machine on and will need to wait about 8-12 minutes for the mixture to freeze up. Once frozen you can proceed to dispense your product. Expect a nice flowing refreshment with a great viscosity. With the Taylor 430, not only can you make quality drinks like this possible, you will be able to have a great turnout with an assortment of frozen beverages such as, piña coladas, coolattas, frozen wine slushies, frozen coffee based drinks, and more. Make your growing business even more successful with a quality frozen drink machine that will produce great product.
Let us show you how.

Taylor 430 Margarita Demonstration

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 * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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