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Slices Concession had the pleasure of doing a drink dispenser spotlight interview with Voltage Restaurant Supply. Voltage was founded in 2015 by Mathew Vendetti. Vendetti wanted to create a business that is a direct to consumer. Voltage offers a full line of new, refurbished, and pre-owned commercial espresso and coffee equipment with a strong dedication to helping their clients find the right equipment for their particular environment.
Their most popular machine is the La Marzocco Linea Espresso machine. However, all of their equipment goes through a detailed refurbishment process. The Linea machine is superior due to it having a dual boiler system which optimizes the espresso brewing and steam production. The craftsmanship is excellent, making La Marzocco machines extremely dependable. When properly maintained, they hold their value very well over time.
The recommended machine for a startup coffee shop, aside from a commercial espresso machine, grinders, coffee brewers, hot water dispenser, and other necessary equipment, Voltage highly recommends a good water filtration system. In order to make a delicious, quality cup and maintain the life of the machine, you have to start with clean water. While Voltage may not be the biggest online retailer out there, they certainly strive to deliver superior service and products. Voltage stands strongly behind every item they sell and truly care about the success of their clients.
Like Slice’s Concession, Voltage Restaurant Supply has seen and used the benefits of social media. The coffee industry is a community and there is definitely a culture around it. Voltage has found social media to be a great way to interact with their clients and actually communicate with them on a one on one level. Social media has been a great way to showcase their brand personality and for their clients to see that they are real, authentic, coffee-loving people behind the Voltage brand.
Voltage’s advice to startup venues to ensure success is to just do it. As a statement from the company: “There will never be a perfect time to try something different. It is also important to be open minded. Running a startup can be challenging but it is also one of the most rewarding things you can do. Try new things. If they work, great. If not, learn from them and move on. Finally, don’t overspend when you are starting out. Keep things simple and grow from there.”
Coffee and ice cream have a long history together. You can easily turn your basic cup of coffee into an indulgent cold dessert. For extra flavor add a bit of caramel or chocolate sauce before adding the coffee. Pair a Voltage coffee machine with a Slice’s Concession counter top soft serve models to ensure a great menu that is sure to please customers and keep them coming back!
La Marzocco Linea Espresso Machine
Are you interested in opening your own frozen dessert venue? Here at Slice’s Concession we have a wide assortment of frozen dessert machinery that can further enhance the experience of your venue. Whether it be a low volume countertop model to add a few additional menu items, or a full standing model to carry you through your grand opening and beyond. We are the number one distributor in the nation of used ice cream and frozen drink machines. We feature popular brands such as Taylor, Stoelting, and Carpigiani. We have machines with both single and three phase capability, as well as air or water cooled. Our experts will help guide you in picking the best machine for your venue. With an east coast and west coast office, as well as stellar reviews on both Facebook and Google, you will see why we are trusted as the best. Visit our website, or if you are in the area, set up an appointment to stop by!

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