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Scoop School: Why you shouldn't put ice cream mix in a soft serve machine.

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 In this segment of Scoop School, Mr. C addresses the importance of knowing the butter to fat ratio in your ice cream mix. Understanding the fat content will help to eliminate waste and eliminate you from making a sub-standard product.
Your standard ice cream mix probably has anywhere from 2% to 12% fat content. When this mix is ran through your used soft serve ice cream machine, the barrel churns, freezes, and scrapes the contents to create the wonderful soft serve you dispense. But what happens when you use a premium mix (with about 14% fat content) in a traditional soft serve machine? The results are multiple chunks of pure butter being produced in the machine. This is caused by over-churning of the product without any extraction. Once the premium mix sits in the barrel, its constantly being churned. The butter fat literally separates out and you get yellow pieces of butter in your product.
The best way to combat this issue is to speak with your manufacturer about the types of mix that can be used in their high-volume ice cream machines. If you begin putting premium mix in a soft serve machine your product will likely be over-churned, below-average, and not enjoyable.
🍦Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.🍦
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