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Scoop School: Rosette Caps

Posted by Destini Miller on


In this segment of Scoop School, Mr. C introduces Rosette Caps. What are they? They're the small plastic, often star-shaped, caps that attach onto the bottom of the spigot. When product is dispensed from the soft serve ice cream machine, it come out in a tube shape that you would have to manually layer and swirl before serving (similar to Dairy Queen's soft serve). Rosette Caps give it a more traditional rigged soft serve look your customers are likely used to. 
Does it need to cleaned? Yes! Although its small, its a very important piece that can very easily be overlooked. Its vital you clean this part with the rest of your machine at the end of the work day. This will ensure no extra product has hardened onto the plastic-- making it harder to dispense in the traditional shape.
If you find your Rosette Caps are broken or dirty beyond repair, it would be best to order more from your manufacturer than to ignore the problem. They're fairly inexpensive parts but make a big difference in the final display of your product. It also might be helpful to inquire about different Rosette Cap shapes. Different shapes will be visually appeasing to your customers and really makes your soft serve stand out.
Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided. 
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