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Scoop School: Store Bought Ingredients in Ice Cream Recipesūüõí

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Getting creative in the ice cream business is essential for keeping clientele. By serving nontraditional and original recipes in your ice cream store, you offer a product your customers can get nowhere else. This is how you start bringing in the dough.  
However, you may find yourself in the grocery store one day searching for new ingredients to put in your ice cream. You stumble across something like peanut butter and think ‚Äúan original PB and banana sundae‚ÄĚ. Now while this may sound tempting and adventurous, you may want to think twice about just using any¬†store-bought¬†ingredient in your ice cream recipe.¬†
Scoop School shares tips on using store bought ice cream ingredients in our recipes. The problem with using ingredients that are not meant to be frozen (such as raw peanut butter), is that your product could end up having adverse texturing, taste, or coloring. You’ll see your problem at its peak once you go to extract from your batch freezer or your soft serve machine. If your product has an odd texture, weird coloring, or a sub-par taste its possible your store-bought ingredient was not meant to be frozen.  
Scoop School suggests the use of purees and sundae toppings to add in that flavor profile you’re looking for without sacrificing the quality of your product. Most common flavors come in the form of a puree; or, you can make your own by simply mixing equal parts of water and sugar. This will create a simple syrup that you can then add whatever crushed fruit into to make a syrup paste. This method works great in ice cream recipes. Sundae toppings also work in the same way that you can get the flavor profile of a certain food without using actual pieces of it.  
So feel free to get creative! You can easily take your ice cream, soft serve, or frozen yogurt to the next level by creating original recipes. Flavor extracts and purees will ensure your product maintains it's richness before freezing.
ūüć¶Special thanks to Scoop School for the information¬†provided.ūü涬†
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