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Scoop School: Proprietary "cRaZy" Menu Products

Posted by Destini Miller on

 Scoop School gives us tips on putting nontraditional items on your ice cream menu. Your menu board should be as simplistic as possible. You don't want to draw customers in just to make them read! 👎
With that being said, you don't want too many words. And with nontraditional menu items, you'll need to explain to your customer what it is. If your menu is composed of a bunch of random ice cream puns to create your menu, you may find your customers are more confused than intrigued. 
This is because without some sort of picture or paragraph for reference, your customers will not know what's inside this new featured flavor you're serving. But don't jump ahead! Again, your customers aren't walking into a library; so a wordy paragraph is not the way you want to go.
Your best bet is to showcase traditional items primarily on your menu board with big bold colorful pictures to complement. If frozen yogurt is your specialty, advertise the flavors most common to your customers. If frozen beverages are your specialty, advertise your signature daiquiris and frozen lemonades before showcasing the new and original stuff.
This simple menu tactic makes your customers think "wow! this place has it all!"-- and that's when you roll out the big guns. 
Scoop School suggests advertising your proprietary/featured flavors as limited time offers (LTO). 
That way you never have to go through the hassle of modifying your menu boards; while also giving you the freedom to rotate your LTO items. 
Customers enjoy the rush of limited time offerings because it encourages them to try a new flavor before it runs out! A fun race against the clock before you drop a new flavor. This constant fluctuation of new flavors can really boost profits for your restaurant.💲💲
Mr. C suggests using pop up frames to showcase your proprietary flavors so you don't have to use your menu board as a testing ground. 
Your customers want to feel comfortable when ordering; they're not looking to ask a lot of questions. Give your customers ease by only showcasing traditional items on your menu board, and featured flavors somewhere else in the store.
🍦Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.🍦
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