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Scoop School: Single Phase Vs. Three Phase *Know the difference!*

Posted by Destini Miller on

Before introducing used ice cream machines to your store it's important to understand what kind of power you have running through your building. Knowing your building's power and choosing the right machines for your store can save you loads on utilities and keep your machines running at top performance.
Single-phase power is what generally runs through most residential and commercial businesses. This means they have one single phase of power running through their building to power all of their appliances. Outlets release power in multiple locations around your home or business. We use these outlets to power appliances--from the coffee machine to the TV on the wall. 
Three-phase power has three phases of power currents running through the building and can typically be found in industrial-sized businesses. The power outlets usually have more consistent power throughout. If you can get three-phase power into your building you can save money on utilities because your power source is more efficient & reliable. Your equipment will also last longer because there are less components to fail. 
Equipment vendors have a range in both types of machines for both types of power. If you have single-phase power in your building, it's important to have single-phase ice cream machines in your building. Not doing so can cause thousands of dollars to be spent in electrical cost or a change to new equipment. 
🍦Special thanks to Scoop School for the information provided.🍦 
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