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Eclipse Food Service

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We sat down with Aylon Steinhart, the CEO of Eclipse Food Service, a dairy-free alternative to ice cream. What got Steinhart into the industry is how intertwined the food industry is with the entire world. “I realized how much the food industry has to do with the entire world and all of humanity. I also learned about the impact that the food industry has on planet sustainability and human health, I realized we could make a very significant change in the world by shifting consumption of animal products to plant-based products.” Steinhart sought out to create products to get mainstream consumers excited about plant-based items. “People primarily look at the taste, price, and availability of the products, “ says Steinhart.

“Five years ago, plant-based products didn’t really taste that good, the cost was too high and they weren’t available anywhere. So I sought out to make plant-based dairy products that would have that incredible taste. It is also fairly priced so consumers can actually enjoy them, and they’re available everywhere. That’s really the mission of Eclipse.”

Eclipse Foods currently offers a liquid mix that functions as a dairy mix. “You can pour it into a soft serve machine or any ice cream maker and it will spin up incredible ice cream,” raves Steinhart.


"We have a vanilla and a chocolate mix, we also have a sweet cream mutual mix which can be used to make your own ice cream by adding in any flavor you want.” They also have options for people that can not make their own ice cream in shop. They currently have a line of Eclipse non-dairy ice cream cups that come in vanilla and chocolate as well as a line of milkshakes.

The brand’s ethos is no sacrifice. “We never want to ask consumers to make the sacrifice. Not on taste, not on texture, not on functionality. Our mission is to create a healthier more sustainable food system. That can really only be achieved by getting consumers to eat more plants,” says Steinhart. “We want them to be able to have that incredible, indulgent ice cream experience.”

With plans to one day distribute internationally, Eclipse Foods is building the “next massive non-dairy company”. “After studying milk on a molecular level, we’ve been able to recreate it. The result is plant-based dairy products that have the same taste, texture, and functionality as dairy,” says Steinhart.

Eclipse currently has a handful of machines at their offices. “The mix runs on every single machine we’ve tried out,” says Steinhart. “Such as Taylor, Carpigiani, and Stoelting. The same mix can even be poured into an Emery Thompson and spun up that way. It works on any ice cream maker, it can even be made into hard ice cream and gelato.”

Steinhart’s favorite part of working in the industry is, “people truly love ice cream. It’s so fun working with a product that truly gives people so much joy. It makes our life easier.” Explore and experience the quality Eclipse plant-based ice cream today!


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