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Scoop School: Are "child's cups" necessary?

Posted by Destini Miller on

In this segment of Scoop School, Mr. C addresses the pros and cons of having a child's-size cone. 
What are the pros? A lot of the time you'll run into customers with kids and families, and their children won't be able to finish the regular portion "small" size. For instances like this, a kid's cone is crucial. Providing your customers with kid's cones will gives parent's ease that their child won't waste their money and it gives business owners ease that they're not wasting product. 
What are the cons? More often that not, adults will try to order the kid's cone. And for a number of reasons: its cheaper, they can't finish the "small" size either, or they simply don't want that much ice cream. This can become a bit trivial for your business. You wouldn't want to set an age-cap on the kid's cone either because that has proven to lead to complications in the future. 
Is their a solution? There is! An easy way to combat this issue is to keep the kid's cone available without labeling it a kid's cone. This will give your customers the option to choose from your "small" size and your "smaller" size without physically having children with them.
This method has also proven helpful when it comes to menu display. Adults often see the size of the "smallest" cone and instantly are turned off by the seemingly small amount of ice cream you get compared to the amount of toppings. Hence, they order size "small", instead. This is one of the many ways your menu display can help boost sales. Variety is also very appeasing to customers. After reviewing your different sizes, your adult customers will likely check out the other options for frozen beverages. While the kids are enjoying their soft serve, their parents can enjoy your other options of frozen drinks such as frozen lemonades and daiquiris. 
Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided. 
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