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Scoop School: Is weighing your ice cream really better?

Posted by Destini Miller on

What makes a good scoop of ice cream? Is it the amount of ice cream or the amount of toppings? Neither is that important in the grand scheme of things. What makes a good scoop is a friendly employee correctly portioning how much ice cream to give you without giving you too little or too much. The greatest challenge with this is the risk of portion complications.
Mr. C of scoop school suggests that portioning and weighing the ice cream before serving takes the novelty away from the experience. Sure, customers are there to buy delicious ice cream, but what happens when the customer can’t afford the ice cream you’ve portioned? Then you run the risk of product loss-- as you can't put that scoop back.
A simple solution would be to adequately teach your employees portion control and ensuring ice cream is correctly-portioned and perfectly-served. Just like you would instruct your employees on how to properly operate the used soft serve ice cream machine and batch freezer, it's equally as rewarding to teach them portion control when scooping. This method will ensure your business does not lose too much product and your customers will always have their desired amount. 
Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided. 
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