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Slices Concession 22-Point Ice Cream Machine Procedure

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Slices Cocnession 22 Point Inspection

22 Point Ice Cream Machine Inspection

At Slices Concession, we provide quality machines at a great price. All of our incoming machines undergo our 22-step ice cream machine inspection procedure. The procedure's purpose is to ensure all machines are in good, working order. In this video, we present our 22 point inspection on a Taylor 794 ice cream machine. 


The inspection break down as follows:

1), 2) & 3) We check the exterior parts, the seals for the trombones, and the rear seals where the drive shafts go for any noticeable cracks or leaks. 
4), 5) & 6) Before plugging the machine in, we check the pressure of the left, right, and hopper compressors. 
7) & 8) We check the condition of the belts. 
9) & 10) We check the amp reading on the left and right motors.
11) & 12) We check the amp reading on the left and right compressors.
13) We check the amp reading on the hopper compressor.
14) & 15) We ensure that the control panels are working.
16) & 17) We make sure the standby function of each side is working.
18) & 19) We ensure that each of the barrels is getting a nice ring of frost.
20) We check to see that the hoppers are getting cold.
21) We check the quality of the hopper covers.
22) We also ensure the low level lights for the hopper are working.

Extra Inspection Points:

  • Running pressures for each compressor, we make sure high and low sides are within spec. 
  • Shell bearings, when they go bad they will cut the black seals on the rear of your drive shafts. 
  • We check the Fans, both main cooling fan and hopper compressor fans for signs of wear.
  • Capillary tubes are allowing freon to flow continuously, many times capillary tubes can be clogged with oil or debris. We check by watching the freon pressures, a good consistent flow through the capillary tubes.

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* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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