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Scoop School: How to PORTION like a PRO ✔

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 Mr. C gives us his best portion control advice. 
Traditional shops use multiple size "scoopers" to portion their product. What will happen from time to time is employees get confused and improperly portion a scoop. This slight mistake can cause your customer to feel cheated and not want to return. Scoop School gives us suggestions on how to combat this issue by using only one portion size for your entire menu.
By using only one size portion scoop, you can base your entire menu around this size.
For example, Mr. C uses a 3 oz scooper for product. This means all his menu items come in increments of 3 oz scoops. A small cup of ice cream is one 3 oz scoop, a medium cup of ice cream is two 3 oz scoops, and a large is three 3 oz scoops. And you're not limited to ice cream.
Milkshakes can be properly portioned too using this method. Mr. C uses 3 scoops of ice cream to create his regular size shake and 4 scoops for a large size shake. This method can be used throughout your menu items.
By standardizing your scoops, you make portion control for your business a breeze!
And of course you're not limited to 3 oz. You can start anywhere on the spectrum. As long as your menu is following the same pattern of scoop sizes this trick is fool-proof.
There are many types of scoopers you can have supplied in your store. The number on the bottom of the scooper lets you know how many scoops you can get out of a gallon. This also will help you determine just how big your scoops are. 
Once you've decided what size scoop is right for your business model, use this size to properly portion your products. You may find your large milkshakes need a little more or a little less once you've got defined measurements. Make adjustments where necessary, this will ensure your employees serve your customer the correct amount of product each time.
🍦Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.🍦
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