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How To Buy The Right Soft Serve Machine For Your Ice Cream Shop: Machine Options You Should Consider

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Ice Cream Shop Machines
Finding quality information about soft serve ice cream machines is difficult, especially when you are just starting out. This post will answer many FAQ's when deciding whether to buy a soft serve ice cream machine and which one is best for your shop.

Before exploring the different machine options, consider the following:

  • What type of product you want to sell
  • What technology or controls over the product you need
  • How much space you have to work with in your restaurant or venue
  • What is your projected sales/demand 

Ice Cream Machine Options:

    1. Air Cooled vs Water Cooled

    One of the benefits of an air cooled machine is that you can put it any place in the store because it doesn't need a water hook up. Although the water cooled machine needs the water hook up, it can store a lot more energy to freeze the ice cream faster. Air cooled machines are also best used in a room with good air conditioning but a water cooled machine can be placed in a warm environment & still perform very well.

    2. Counter (Table) Top vs Free (Floor) Standing

    After you figure out your expected sales/demand, you can decide between a countertop unit or a free standing machine. A counter top is useful for low volume sales. For example, convenience stores, small restaurants, and food trucks are good for the counter. Whereas free standing machines are for high volume sales. In addition, free standing units take up more space. 

    3. Flavor Options

    Some machines only serve 1 flavor. Other units serve 2 flavors with a "swirl" option, a combo of the two flavors. If the ice cream you plan on serving is meant to be complimentary, we recommend purchasing a single flavor machine. 

    For example: If you own a Mexican restaurant that sells Mexican food, your customers do not come to the venue mainly for ice cream but for main dishes & some dessert. In this case it is best to have a single flavor option.

    However, if you own a Gelato store or Ice Cream shop, where your main product is a frozen beverage, then you should invest in a machine that has multiple flavor options.

    4. Gravity Fed vs Pressure Fed

    Pressure fed machines are recommended for high volume production because it makes more product due to the amount of air forced into the mix. Gravity fed machines are less expensive, easier to use & clean but pressurized machines can control the overrun air much more efficiently.

    5. Machine Technology

    One necessary control feature you should consider is the mix alarm. The alarm buzzes or beeps when the mix level in the machine is below a certain point. This is very useful technology. For example, if the product mix is too low, then it can freeze and damage the blades in the machine.

    Why We Are The Best Equipment Suppliers In The Nation

    • Before buying & before shipping a machine to you, we perform detailed 22 point inspections to ensure machines are functioning above expectations
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    * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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