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Spotlight: Fruteiro Do Brasil

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Fruteiro Do Brasil is one of those companies you wished you had known about years ago. This contemporary brand is synonymous with organic culture. Featuring products made from frozen fruit pulp that tastes like nothing you have yet to try. The flavors they feature, all of which are fruit pulps, with origins in Brazil. Their products would be a great concept for up and coming stores that want to steer in the direction of being organic. This is a growing trend in the US and many other countries due to consumers being more health-based when it comes to frozen desserts. Fruteiro Do Brasil features flavors such as: acai, acerola, caja, caju, coconut, guava, lime, mango, maracuja, papaya, pineapple, and soursop.
When tasting the desserts, they taste clean and crisp, with the flavors cutting through any ice or frozen texture. The authentic taste of fruit pulp makes for a rich flavor that is sure to make any dessert lover swoon with the realization that frozen treats don’t have to have guilt or additives attached to it. You can pair this company’s bases with organic cutlery, bowls, and straws. This pairing would make for a great organic concept that is sure to bring customers to your venue with health and taste value on their mind.

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