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Spotlight: Biolee

Posted by Priya Brantley on

We had the pleasure of interviewing the company Biolee. Biolee specializes in gelato that is original in its ingredients as well as its pairings. Their company includes a wide range of flavors, that feature the traditional taste of gelato that the world knows and loves, but combined with innovative skills and concepts. Their gelato is made with high-quality milk and their sorbets, which are vegan-friendly, uses 50% seasonal fruit and no artificial flavorings. 
The store experience of Biolee is truly a dream with its pastel hues and whimsical backdrops making for a natural craving for a sweet treat! Amidst the craziness of SIGEP, a frozen dessert lover’s dream, featuring artisan gelato, chocolate, pastries, and coffee, we were able to have the pleasure of interviewing Chiara Quattrocchi, one of the key members of Biolee. She sat down with us and we were able to hear more about the company that is well sought after in concept and taste pairings. 
 In order to set their gelato apart from the competition, they feature sweets and original pastries that are made with the utmost detail. In the store, you can decide your gelato pairing with a bakery item. Pairings with chocolate for winter are also extremely popular. Biolee prides itself in its organic packaging and inclusivity, carrying gluten-free and vegan options. They have been apart of SIGEP since 2017, and although being fairly new to the event they have garnered a good following, so much that before our photo op of the store they had to refill their stand due to being almost sold out of displays. 
Biolee’s favorite part of the SIGEP experience is undoubtedly the gelato displays and the possibility of connecting and gaining inspiration from other international buyers, venues, and concepts. 
When it comes to Quattrocchi’s personal favorite, it is the classic cream featuring free range eggs and biscuits to pair. Gelato pairings are very popular with bakery products in Italy. Crepes, waffles, and Sicilian pastries are some of the most popular.
As far as catering to consumers with dietary restrictions such as egg or dairy, fret not, Biolee has something for you. Their sorbet is just as flavor bursting and is vegan-friendly. A vegan favorite is their dark chocolate sorbet. Biolee takes pride in simplifying the ingredient process to only using key inclusions, milk, and fruits. All of their gelatos are artisanal and contains no chemicals, it’s truly a simple process. Simplicity at its best, with the two most important ingredients being the true mixture of tradition and innovation. 

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