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Spotlight: Power Equipment Direct

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We had the great opportunity of interviewing Power Equipment Direct to better help our clients have an understanding of generators and how Power Equipment Direct does a great job inform and guide clients in finding the best product for their machine.

How did you guys get started in the equipment industry?


Power Equipment Direct launched in 2002 after founder Jon Hoch set out to create a simpler way to shop for power equipment and technical products.


After a less-than-satisfying experience shopping for the right lawnmower, Hoch wanted to make it easy for customers to sort through all the leading power equipment products online from the comfort of their homes. Power Equipment Direct was born on this premise. From its inception, it streamlined the sales process and rewarded customers with factory-direct discounts on its vast selection of products. 



An owners guide to a portable vs. standby generator?



What common pitfalls do you have when matching a generator with commercial equipment?


The biggest challenges arise when customers cannot provide the electrical requirements for their equipment (voltage, phase, amps, etc.). This includes knowing whether a “clean power” generator is needed to power sensitive equipment or not.


Also, customers are often unsure how to connect the equipment. They may have the electrical requirements to size and choose the correct generator for their restaurant machine but overlook exactly how to supply generator power to the equipment whether by plugging in directly or by using a transfer switch.



What sets you apart from competition?


Power Equipment Direct is on a mission to make buying technical products simple. It does so in the following ways:


  1. On-staff product experts are available for one-on-one advice and recommendations. These professionals can address virtually any question, from basic to technical, to help customers find the right solution.
  2. Educational resources, including how-to guides, sizing calculators, and buying guides are available for free online. These materials help customers understand and choose the appropriate products for their specific needs.
  3. One-stop shopping allows customers to discover and choose from the most diverse selection of power equipment and home products. Unlike brick and mortar stores, which can sell out, especially during emergencies, Power Equipment Direct is far more likely to have a specific product in stock when it matters most (i.e. a generator during a hurricane).



What are some owner maintenance steps that sometimes get overlooked?


Commonly-overlooked maintenance steps involve adjusting valves on the generator. Customers usually understand routine maintenance (oil change, air filter & oil filter change, etc.) but overlook the valve adjustments.


Also, even if customers understand the “routine maintenance,” they do not always follow the guidelines. For example, they are often late in performing routine maintenance. A unit may call for an oil change every 200 hours of run time or annually, and the customer will change the oil when convenient for them.



What are watts and why do we measure them for generators?


Watts are a standard unit of measurement needed to run pieces of electrical equipment. You can calculate watts by using Ohm’s Law (amps x volts = watts), and this will aide in sizing a generator for different applications.



What kind of gas would you best pair with restaurant equipment, diesel vs gasoline?


No specific fuel is “better” than another in terms of generator operation. It comes down to the availability of different types of fuel and which one would work best per application.



What is the PED ethos?


As mentioned, PED aims to make buying technical products simple. We accomplish this through our educational and expert resources, as well as with our ability to connect with customers across various media and platforms. Customers can reach us traditionally by phone, but also digitally on social media, and we will be there for them. We offer outlets for questions and answers and respond via writing and YouTube videos.


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