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Taylor C707 Ice Cream Machine Guide with Features

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C707 Ice Cream Machine Photo

The Taylor C707 is one of the most popular machines. Great for small businesses looking to add a menu item to increase profits. Taylor Company has served ice cream shops since 1926. Their ice cream machines are well known and used all across the world. They do business in over 125 countries.

Offering popular soft serve variations including low or non-fat ice creams, yogurt, custards, and sorbet. Giving you the option for 2 separate flavors or an equal combination of both in a twist.


  • Freezing Cylinder: One, 3.4 quart (3.2 liter)
  • Mix Hopper: One, 20 quart (18.9 liter). Separate hopper refrigeration (SHR) maintains mix below 41ºF (5ºC) during Auto and Standby modes.
  • Indicator Lights: Mix Low light alerts operator to add mix. When the Mix Out light flashes, the unit shuts down automatically to prevent damage.
  • Electronic Controls: Softech™ is our exclusive microprocessor based master control that regulates refrigeration by measuring product viscosity to maintain consistent quality.
  • Standby: During long no-use periods, the standby feature maintains safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator: Hopper temperature is displayed to assure safe product temperatures. Indicator may be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature display.
  • Door Interlock System: Protects the operator from injury as the beater will not operate without the dispensing door in place.


Finished Products: Soft Serve

Installation: Countertop (Floor - with optional cart)

Number of Flavors:

Freezing Cylinder QTY: 1

Freezing Cylinder Size (qt/l): 3.4/3.2

Hopper Qty: 1

Hopper Size (qt/l): 20/18.9

Mix Delivery System: Gravity

Refrigeration Control: Viscosity

Dimensions w/d/h (in/mm)

18-1/4" (w)
464mm (w)
32-1/4" (d)
820mm (d)
34" (h)
864mm (h)

Net Weight (Lbs/Kg)
390.0 lbs
176.9 kg

    Overall, the Taylor C707 is a great machine. Most Taylor machines, when serviced properly, will last for 15+ years. After you find the right product mix for your store/business, you will have the ability to serve a high quality product. 

    For operating and service manuals for the Taylor C707, please see our support page. 


    * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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