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Build People & Deliver Joy - Learn more about Frozen Dessert Supplies

Posted by Joe Kearns on

In 2008, Tim Porter opened a gelato shop called “Gelato Freeze”. He had one dream: to give
people, especially teenagers, the opportunity to make money and start their lives. Tragically,
the financial crisis hit shortly after and he had to close his shop. Determined to find a way to
help the young people in his town, he decided to turn this setback into an opportunity.
Running a gelato shop taught Tim exactly how hard it was to get supplies. From this struggle,
Frozen Dessert Supplies was born!

Frozen Dessert Supplies

Frozen Dessert Supplies has stayed true to our original goal, and has refined it into an official
purpose; Build People and Deliver Joy. We accomplish this goal by making your experience
buying supplies for your frozen dessert shop easy. We have an easy-to-use website, free
shipping, and award-winning customer service. We strive everyday to build both our customers
and our employees.

Get to know our company a little better - spend a day with our Sales
Manager, Chip!


Everyday, Chip gets up at 6 am to play disc golf or go fishing. After that, he goes home to
spend time with his wife and two kids. At 9:30, he comes into the office and checks in on the
team. He spends 11-3 in meetings, coordinating with other departments and keeping things
running smoothly. After that, he spends time with the sales team, answering emails and making
calls. All to make sure customers are happy. At 5 pm, he heads home to spend time with his
In the ice cream and frozen dessert industry, cow print is a big deal. We have customers asking
for cow print cups nearly every day! We don’t just have regular ice cream cups with cow print,
we have cow print to go containers. These are definitely something to check out when you
have a chance. They’re just as durable as regular to go cups with a fun cow print!


With no minimum order quantity, we serve everyone from small shops to big chains. We have
products for everyone who loves good-quality cups, spoons, and more!

If you’re looking to stock up on supplies for your frozen dessert business, visit our website ( ), email us at, or give
us a call (480) 428-1999. We love hearing from you!

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