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What Type Of Frozen Yogurt Machine Should I Buy? Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Frozen Yogurt Machine

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3 wall mounted frozen yogurt machines in froyo shop

Having had 5 plus years of experience running a Gelato/ Ice Cream Shop we are familiar with all of the things an operating owner needs to keep in check. Among those things are making sure you have the proper equipment & machines to make the best premium quality frozen yogurt in the world.

3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Machine

1. Machine Capacity

The capacity of a frozen yogurt machine can be measured by the servings it produces per minute. Since you need more electricity to produce more volume, higher volume means higher costs.

*Each serving is a 4 ounce cup

Low Volume = 1 to 2 servings per minute

Medium Volume = about 4 servings per minute

High Volume = about 7 servings per minute

Our recommendation is that for self-serve venues you purchase multiple low volume froyo machines & spread them out in your shop. If you have a full/ behind-the-counter service venue or a venue that is focused on the sale of frozen yogurt, we suggest you purchase a few high volume machines to produce larger volumes faster.

2. Machine Technology/Features

There are 3 features you should consider, above the other bells and whistles a machine can have, which are its cooling system, mix alarm, & electrical phase.

->Cooling System

There are air & water cooled machine options. If you have a good AC system we reccomend you purchase an air cooled machine. If you live in warmer climates & don't have a cool place, we recommend you purchase a water cooled machine. In this article we go more into detail about the best suited cooling system for each situation.

->Mix Alarm

A mix alarm (also called a "Low mix alarm") is an alarm/beeper that lets you know when the product mix is running too low. It also automatically shuts down your compressor & dasher. This is extremely helpful because if your product runs low, it might freeze causing the blades & tubes in your machine to get damaged.

->Electrical Phase

Machines come in single & three phase options. Three phase machines are more energy efficient but single phase electrical outlets are more commonly found in all buildings. In this article we explain the differences & advantages of each option.

Machine Maintenance/Ease Of Cleaning

Asking what maintenance options are available is highly recommended because you need to know how long it takes to clean a machine, what tools you need, or whether or not you need an experienced technician to service your machine. These costs can add up over time so it's important to account for them.

Choosing A Machine

How Many Machines Should I Buy?

Depending on the size of your shop, your spending budget, & your projected yearly sales will help you decide how many frozen yogurt machines you should buy. The number could be anywhere from 1-10 machines, but more machines doesn't mean greater profits. A good rough estimate is about 3 machines for a small ice cream shop and 1 for a small restaurant looking to add ice cream as an extra stream of revenue to complement their main sales.

What Type Of Machines?

One of our recommendations for a commercial yogurt machine is a Taylor C713. Our price range for it is between $5,000- $9,000 where a new one would cost you about $15,000. The C713 perfect for high volume sales and it's easy to clean comes in both air or water-cooled options, and has a mixed alarm.

If you are looking at how to start an ice cream business we can help you with your soft serve ice cream business plan. Whether it is a frozen yogurt food or a store location we are here to help your bottom line. Here at Slices Concession, we have numerous different frozen yogurt machines for sale. Another strong recommendation we make is that you browse all of our soft serve & frozen yogurt machines and/or call us at 352-888-1107 for more information.

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