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115 Volt Frozen Dessert Machines: In Depth Analysis Of The Pros & Cons

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Three Taylor ice cream machines and three stoelting frozen beverage machines in a line behind a 115 Volt sign with Slices Concession logo and three storm clouds with thunder

A 115Volt Ice Cream Machine is an easy to use, low maintenance, and universal machine great for your small businesses. Most businesses are equipped with 115V amp space. These machines are designed for small volume. However, they have a longer recovery time. Recovery time is the amount of time it takes the machine to chill the new product. For example, a 115V machine cannot do five, four oz servings back to back without recovery time. Here are some pro’s and con’s of the 115V Machine:


  • Cheap and quick way to add another menu item
  • Great way to see if a frozen dessert product will benefit your store in order to drive more customer traffic.
  • Great for pre-existing stores as either a catering or promotion machine


  • Stores doing over 10% of ice cream sales
  • Introducing milkshakes
  • Slower recovery time

Using a 115v machine is a great way to see if a frozen dessert product will benefit your business. If it works well and you would like to use a higher volume machine, like the 220V, we are happy to assist you! We stock over 1000 machines.

Feel free to browse our catalog or give us a call at (352) 262-9627.

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